Thursday, August 27, 2009

A mini, a chatterbox, a lost tooth & a little dilemma...

The new weekly challenges have gone up today over at Scrapz Biz. This week I've set the Build It Up (OTP) challenge to create a little mini for Fathers Day. It was so quick and easy to make! I grabbed a pic of each of the kids with Paul and then asked each of them what they love about Daddy then used their responses as my journaling. Seriously, this only took me one evening to put together so if you do want to make something and you're a little short on time this could be the way to go.

(Sorry the colour isn't the greatest in these pics...must've picked the wrong time of day for the lighting....but you get the idea.) If you'd like more details about the challenge or how to enter just head over to the Designer Zone.
I also had a go at the pink/green/white colour combo challenge that Melleny set last week. This pic of Madi cracks me up! Hee hee hee...

That's about all I've got to share on the scrapping front... but I also had to show you that Ayden has finally lost that tooth!
Paul ended up pulling it out the morning after I did my last post. It came out SO easily...but it seemed it just didn't want to fall out on it's own. I love his cute new grin! For some reason our poor little man felt all embarrassed when he got to school and didn't want to show anyone.... he soon got over it though.
Had to share this too...The other night I was putting the kids to bed when I heard Riley start to cry. He was in the toilet...nothing unusual there... but when I opened the door I found him with Madi's toilet seat stuck on his head! LOL

Oh my... I couldn't help but laugh even though he was bawling his eyes out! It was hilarious!!!! Don't ask me why he felt the need to put it on his head in the first place... but he did... and then he couldn't get it up past his ears again! Oh dear.... in the end I just had to pull it off hurting his little ears in the process. I bet he doesn't do it again!!!!! Kids do the strangest things....

That's about it for now. Enjoy the rest of your week and take care!

Sheree xx


  1. 1st

    lol always wanted to do that!!!!
    Gorgeous mini and LO love the pic of madi!!! Ayden looks soooo cute!!!! You are firing with all this scrapping!!!
    me xxx

    Me xxx

  2. What a great idea for fathers day..I am going to try and get one made tonight....

    LOVE the photo and layout of Madi...that photo is just way too cute!!!

    Oh poor Riley, thats the type of thing that would happen in my house...LOL

    so glad to hear that Aydens tooth is finally out, even if it needed a liitle help!

    Enjoy the weekend and chat soon
    Cherie xxoo

  3. LOL Sheree, you have had all sorts of things happening in your house this week. That mini album is so special and the layouts is beautiful.

  4. Hee hee! That toilet seat incident is hilarious! Even if it was superman who had his head stuck in it!

    And your Father's Day idea is fantastic! I've always wanted to create a mini but never knew how to go about it! Thanks for the inspiration. Definitely going to give it a try. (Bet the Grandads will like this too!)

  5. Once again, you've got some beautiful work here Sheree. Your layouts and mini books, etc.. always appeal to me, they just so gorgeous!!

  6. he he! I was chuckling to myself reading the toilet seat incident, that's hillarious. Love the father's day cards. I'm sure I couldn't do them in one night but we'll give it a red hot go...thanks for the tip...xx

  7. Check out the gap! How impressive! We're not up to that yet in this household.

    Your mini album is fantastic!

  8. Hi honey, yeah its great to be sooooo loving your chatterbox LO its absolutely gorgeous, I need some of your talent pleeeeeease! Hope your well. XOX

  9. Oh WOW.... I just have to make one of those for fathers Day... I love that you've used the kids responses and know that would put a huge smile on his face, not to mention the memories it holds... thanks for sharing!!!

    Gorgeous LOT too.. love that clour combo!

    I can't wait to be able to get toothless photos hehe... so cute!

  10. Its me again ;) Can I scrap lift your Chatterbox LO? I love to use it as a template!

  11. awwwww, thanks Sheree for giving me the go ahead...I'm sooo excited.

    P.S Here's my email addy: MWAH

  12. wow, i just found you while surfing and i love your style.


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