Saturday, July 25, 2009

Xmas in July Cuttlebug Cards... and my Mum's Big Night...

Hi there! How's things? It's been busy, busy around here... which is why I haven't posted for a while. Ooops! So... time for a quick catch up...

First up is my Christmas in July Cuttlebug card class from last Sunday. I must admit it was a little tricky to get my head around Christmas cards at this time of the year... but this is what I came up with using some of the Kaiser paper from last year...

Also last week we headed up to my Mum and Dad's place for a very special event. My Mum's graduation night! After doing Family Day Care for well over 20 years, she went ahead and completed her Certificate II in Community Services Work and Certificate III in Children's Services! This was such a big thing for her to do (she was so scared of all that study and doing assignments and exams!)... and I'm so unbelievable proud of her for hanging in there. Dad was such a great support to her through the entire thing and had complete faith in her (I did too!).

The funny thing is though that they were all told that the government were going to make it compulsory for all Day Carers to have this qualification under their belt which is the only reason why Mum went back to study for this... but now that she's done it the government have changed their minds and they don't need it! LOL... Oh well - she can be proud to have these certificates to her name now... although I'm sure that after over 36 years of looking after children she wouldn't have learned anything she didn't already know! Here are a few pics from the big night...
Mum, me, my brother Mick, his girlfriend Brenda, my brother Steve & Dad...
Mum & Dad
Mum's big moment...

There it is! What she worked so hard for...

Did I mention how much she hates having her photo taken? I took SO many pics that night...hee hee hee... she'll be all embarrassed that I've posted these ones here... but hey she should be proud!!! (Love ya Mum!)

Before I go have you been over to Scrapz.Biz for a look? The forum officially kicks off on 1 August but there's already been lots of chat and new faces popping in there, competitions are about to kick off and the shop is full of great stuff and really competitive prices... it's well worth the look. Come on over and say hi!

Take care and thanks so much for dropping by!

Sheree xx


  1. A big congrats to your Mum...good on her for going through with it all and completing her cerfificates...your photos of her are lovely and all your family looks so proud of her...WELL DONE KAYE

    Your Xmas cards are you can see from my blog no scrapping has been going on at my house....I just cant find the time at the moment

    Have a great weekend and chat soon
    Cherie xx

  2. Well done Mum!!! What a huge effort!

  3. Congratulations to your Mum, that's a great achievement! Love the Christmas cards too... it gets me in the mood for Christmas in July!

  4. Your cards are just beautiful.

    Yay for your Mum, she should be very proud of herself. That is a great acheivement

  5. Yay for mum soooo cool!!! What an achievement!!

    Cards are gorgeous as always and you rose to the challenge!!! Pink green for Christmas very kewl!!!!

    Have great week chat soon.

    Me xxx

  6. Hey there. Me here 'making more of an effort' *giggle*

    A huge congrats to your mum, What a fabulous effort!!

    LOVE your cards. You are a fabulous cardmaker Sheree.

    Still kicking myself about not seeing you...grrr!!! One day, I promise.

    Take care. xx

  7. Congrats to your Mum! How fantastic is that! And I'm loving those xmas cards. That paper is just so pretty!

  8. Congrats to your Mum, you must be so proud! Love your cards too, the embossing looks fantastic

  9. Beautiful cards Sheree! And big congrats to your Mum. What an achievement.....Trust the powers that be, to decide the training was not a requirement anymore!

  10. Hi Sheree.... just popping in for a 'hello'... time just goes so fast doesnt it...which is kinda good when you think we will actually be catching up in November...yay!!
    Congrats to your Mum....thats an awesome achievement...
    Mardi xx

  11. Wow Hip hip hooray for your mum, that is wonderful that she has done this and also a huge inspiration to those of us pondering going back to school...GOOD ON HER!!!
    Those christmas cards are gorgeous honey, I particularly love the one with the Holly Leaves, fantastic work as usual Sherrrrrr! LOL
    Hope your well...xox

  12. Oh I adore that card with the pink bling - can I steal that idea??

    Huge congrats to your mum too!

    Love your work!

    Fran xx


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