Sunday, July 5, 2009

School holiday fun and a Lollipop Flower Bag...

We're right in the middle of school holidays here and while we haven't really planned anything, the kids are all having a great time together just hanging out. We've been to the movies to see "Night At The Museum 2" and no doubt we'll be heading back there to see another movie or two. The boys have been doing lots of this...

(Normally they'd have helmets on but they didn't want them on for the photos... can't imagine why? LOL) Riley's really growing in confidence on his scooter now and Ayden loves whizzing around on his.

Yesterday while I was ironing, Madi walked past me with an arm full of things on her way to the backyard announcing that she was 'going to the beach!' After I'd finished what I was doing I poked my head out the door to find her like this...
Too funny! I had to laugh when I saw her... there she was with everything you need for a lovely day at the beach! She had her towel, her drink, her bag, and of course her binoculars!
She's such a crack up!!! Little cutie...

I'm afraid on the scrapping side of things I haven't done anything over the past week. I've been too busy working on my new blanket project... but I did squeeze in a little sewing too. I had another little birthday gift to make. I'd already made this birthday girl's sisters a bag each for their birthdays over the last few weeks, so I had to come up with a different design for her. In the end I came up with this...

It's inspired by Janelle's gorgeous 'Candy Girl' quilt design. I'm about to have a go at making the quilt (my first ever... I'm a little scared! LOL) and thought it would be great practice as the flowers are all hand sewn (appliqued) onto the fabric which I've never done before. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! When Madi saw me making it she loved it so I ended up making one for her too.
Well, I can feel the cold creeping into the house now...definitely time for a nice hot cuppa. Have a great week!
Sheree xx


  1. We are also in the middle of school hoildays and we are going to see Night at the Museum 2 on Saturday...

    LOL the boys on their scooters with no helmets...too funny

    How cute is Madi going out to her dayat the beach...just gorgeous and what a great layout those photos will make...

    LOVE the BAG, just too cute...

    Take care and chat soon
    Cherie xx

  2. Oh clever you! The bag looks fantastic! I'm sure you'll love the Candy Girl quilt too!

    Madi looks so grown up in those photos!

  3. Looks like your litle ones are having a ball Sheree. How funny that Madi is. The bag is beautiful. I can't wait to see your quilt. What a project! How I wish I could sew. Have a great week! Leax

  4. Too cute (as usual) Sheree

    Hope you are all well

    Leanne xxx

  5. Looove the lollipop bag, its funny because I did a page just like it over the weekend...symmetry going on here with us, lol I'll upload it when I get organised with photographing it. P.S the kiddies are too cute, your DD with the binoculars is a perfect pic for a LO titled 'I spy!'

  6. cute holiday pics ... i am sorry i havent been by in a while, i have been a bad blogger! I love the bag its so gorgeous!
    luv chanel

  7. I love those type of school holidays.. just take it as it comes and make your own fun. Just as we are this time...

    Love the bag... TFS xx

  8. Wow the boys look very adept at their scooters!!!

    Madison is sooo cute!!!

    The girls loooove their bags, they take them everywhere!!!! So gorgeous!!! You are such a beautiful friend and sooo clever!!!

    Missing my buddy lol

    me xxxx

  9. Great pics, Sheree. Love your bag! Clever you!
    Heike x


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