Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monsters, Fabric Layout and Crochet...

The school holidays are finally here and the kids are lovin' it! We've spent the weekend at Nanna & Grandpa's (my parents') place where the kids got to play with their cousins and got totally spoiled. We're home again tonight... exhausted! I have to say it's going to be soooo nice not having to get up and do the school run tomorrow morning! :)

I've got a few crafty things to share tonight. First off I'll start with these little cuties...
Meet Belly, Racer and Jed! (I know... funny names but the kids picked them out!) LOL... This is just one of the great projects in the new mag Australian Homesewn (this particular project is by the super crafty Melissa Goodsell) As soon as the kids saw 'Zet the Monster' on the cover of the mag they all wanted one... so they picked out their fabric and eye colour and I got to work. They love them and they were really easy to make! If you haven't seen the mag you should check it out. There's some fantastic ideas in there... great gift ideas too!

I also signed up for the 'Much Ado About Fabric' class over at Workshops @ Home ( There's so many great ideas for using fabric on your layouts and cards in this class.... great for using up scraps left over from other sewing projects. Here's one layout I completed... an all fabric layout!

It was heaps of fun scrapping with fabric instead of paper for a change! There's still heaps of other techniques I'm going to try too....

The other thing I started this week was a crochet blanket. Now I never thought I'd ever learn how to crochet! Both my Nanna's created beautiful blankets and things with crochet but they both passed away long ago so I never had the chance to learn from them. The other day I was looking at all my spare wool sitting in the cupboard and had the sudden urge to find out how to do it. So I headed to You Tube and found this tutorial and before I knew it I was off and running! I'm sure both my Nanna's would be tickled pink to know that I'm having a go at the craft they loved so much... Here's what I've done so far...It's just the traditional granny square pattern but I'm continuing it on rather than making a heap of squares to sew together. These are the colours I'll be using...

So far it's only big enough to use as a doll's blanket but I'll just continue on until it's big enough to use as a throw blanket. I like having something to do while I'm sitting on the couch watching tv.. feels like I'm achieving something. LOL... Plus I think it'd be so lovely to see my blanket sitting there on the shelf with my Nannas' blankets.... And you know what? I just taught my Mum how to crochet on the weekend too! She's a beautiful knitter but never learned how to crochet before. So now she's started her own blanket!! I love that I've been able to show her something for a change.... :)

Ok... I've rambled on long enough for one post!! LOL ... Until next time, take care!!

Sheree xx


  1. I totally love your monster softies - they look gorgeous Sheree!!

    Divine layout too, the colours and photo and beautiful. I love that you taught your Mum to crochet too!! Oh and your blanket is going to be gorgeous, really gorgeous.

    I always love dropping by your blog to see what you've been up too - you've sure been busy!

  2. Your monsters look adorable. I just bought the same mag and loved it too so I am hoping to do some of the projects over the holidays too. I love your crochet blanket, perhaps I will watch the tutorial and see how I go with it. Yours looks great.

  3. Love your little monsters....great names too!! Cathy

  4. OOOOh they are sooo cute Sheree!!
    You are sooo clever!! Will have to show Mum as she was thinking of making something for the boys in the USA.

    Love the crocheting too. Now you just have to teach me!!!

    Beautiful LO too, love that it is all fabric, how clever.

    You are one busy girl!!! Love it.

    Me xxx

  5. Hi Sheree! Love the mosters their bely buttons are adorable. I have been asking and asking our newsagent to get the mag but they can't/wont not sure. Love the fabric layout. We are hanging out for school holidays here.... one week to go! That means Jammies all day mondays! Take care. :)

  6. Oh I love your blanket - you are so clever! You know I have crochet ency - I can't do it!

    The monsters are so cool!

    Oh how cute - my Word Verification is "owlisms"! Love it!

  7. LOVE the monsters..very cool..

    Love the blanket...reminds me of my Great Grandmar, she was a great crocheter (sp?) I am luckly enough to have a few got 2 of the blankets she made...

    Love the layout, I finally got mine finished just have not had time to upload yet...busy busy here!!!

    take care and chat soon
    Cherie xx
    PS bring on november...LOL

  8. You are SO clever... gorgeous little critters!! I love using fabric on my layouts too.. have never done an all fabric layout though! It looks great! Enjoy the holidays :) xx

  9. Woo Hoo! You go girl! You crafty thing! And I say that in the nicest possible way! hehehe...

  10. The Monsters are sooo cute! I made a Cosmonaut Devil from a pattern in a clever little book called Softies, they really are a lot of fun to make. Your fabric LO is gorgeous, your a clever peep :)

  11. absolutely love your "monster" creations. They look fantastic, I wish I could sew like that. Well done!!!

  12. Love those monsters Sheree! :) I might have to check out that mag. Thanks for the tip ;)
    Love your crotched blanket too! I've been knitting scarfs and biodegradable dishclothes (out of 70% bamboo, 30% cotton) so when they are no good you can chuck them in the compost! Found that one on Melissa's blog too LOL!
    Thanks for visitng my blog :) :)


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