Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Frilly Bag, Beanbags & A Retreat...

I've been giving my sewing machine a bit of a workout this past week! To start off with I made this cute little bag from Janelle's gorgeous "For The Girls" pattern.It's a great gift idea for any little girl who loves bags! It was also pretty easy to make too. This has already gone to a little cutie who had birthday earlier in the week. Now I need to make one for Madi! (To find out where you can purchase Janelle's patterns just check out the list of stockists on her blog.)

Then Mel gave me a really easy beanbag pattern so I got busy making 3 for our lounge room. They're the perfect size for the kids...and now they love sitting or laying on them while playing the Playstation or watching tv! Here's Madison (with very scruffy hair!) on hers...

I just did plain chocolate brown ones for the boys to match in with our colour scheme. (A little boring to photograph.)

Sorry I don't have any scrapping to share at the moment.. although I'm halfway through a layout! I'll share that one in my next post...

So who else is going to the very first @HomeAway Weekend Retreat in November? I AM AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! It's going to be so much fun and I'm looking forward to finally meeting some beautiful online friends in person after all this time....VERY exciting!!!!! Are you going?

Sheree xx


  1. I can't wait EITHER!!! It will be sooo much fun! I'm so looking forward to meeting you Sheree!

    I love your new bag too! Beautiful work and beautiful choice of fabrics!

  2. LOVE the bag its so cute...I really need to try and do some more sewing...the colours you have used are beautiful...

    As for the know I am excited... how much fun will it be!!

    Chat soon roomy..
    Cherie xx

  3. Gorgeous bag and bean bag!! What lucky kids you have, to have such a clever Mummy!!
    Have fun at the retreat!!!

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  5. Ohh Sheree...your frilly dilly bag is GORGEOUS...and so is that adorable little 'for the girls' bag...I love seeing all the beuatiful things you create...and HOW AMAZING that we ill actually get to meet in Novemeber...after all these years...cant wait.
    Mardi x

    PS: Sorry about the deleted comment..I made a typo and wanted to fix it...LOL

  6. Sheree you have been busy!

    You are amazing creating all of these things.

    Get the feeling you are excited about the retreat ;o)

    Rachie xx

  7. Very sad I won't be coming, but I know you will have fun.

    The bean bag turned out awesome & Liv loves her bag, it has gone everywhere with her. Everyone has been asking her & she says "eree made it for me"!!! So funny

    Can't wait to see your finished LO.

    Chat soon.
    Me xxx

  8. wow, everything is so gorgeous. I just might do some fabric sewing too instead of just scrapbook sewing after seeing your gorgeous bags. I'm sure my girls would love them too (and me too hehe)


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