Friday, May 29, 2009

Under 8's Day, the Dentist and a Frilly Dilly Bag !

Ayden's had quite an eventful week this week. Wednesday saw them celebrate Under 8's week at school with a fun morning of activities and a teddy bears picnic. Parents were invited to come along and join in the fun so I went too. There was bubble blowing, painting, balloon animals, construction, colouring in, games, face painting, dinosaur world in the sandpit... and the list went on!The kids had a fantastic time... and it was crazy with kids darting here and there to all the different activities! Ayden's favourite things were the construction area, the painting.... and then we stood in a line for half an hour to get that orange balloon animal. LOL... When the bell went for morning tea we all headed to the oval for the picnic. Of course Ayden took his Mickey along for the day. It was lots of fun!

The next day however, was his trip to the dentist. Unfortunately he had to have a stainless steel crown put on to one of his teeth (just like Riley had done earlier this year in hospital.... grrrr) and we weren't sure how he was going to handle it in the chair....
But he was amazing!!!! What a brave boy!! Even the dentist said he was just about the best behaved little guy he'd had in there... we're so proud of him. So now Ayden has his very own 'robot' tooth. We're hoping that's the end of our dental dramas for a very long time.....

Today he had Old Macdonald's Farm visit his school for all the Year 1's. They got to feed and pat all the animals which he couldn't stop telling us about when he got home. I would've loved to have taken some photos! Oh well....

Now for a couple of shares....

Earlier in the week Mel came on over for a sewing night. We FINALLY got to sew our Frilly Dilly Bags (another of Janelle's gorgeous patterns). I'm actually a little embarrassed at how long I've had this pattern and the fabric all cut out and ready to go...let me just say it's been AGES! LOL... Now it's done and I LOVE it!!!!

I did do a little scrapping this week too. I've been meaning to scrap about this for a couple of years now...
Sorry the scan is a little bit shadowy... and I'm not sure you can read the journalling.... but it's all about Madison just after she was born. She was an undiagnosed breach and as a result ended up with dislocating hips So the day after she was born they put her in this splint. She was in it for 6 weeks and we couldn't remove it until her hips were properly healed and then she had to wear double cloth nappies for a further 12-13 weeks just to be sure. It certainly took a bit to get used to with feeding, bathing... even just holding her... and it looked so uncomfortable... poor little sweetie. But she was so good and handled it so well... and now you'd never know she had any troubles at all! Anyway....I'm so happy to finally get it down on paper.
Wow... this has turned into a long post....I think that's about it for now. Have a lovely weekend!
Sheree xx


  1. WOW look at Ayden, sounds like he had a GREAT week!! What a brave boy!!

    The LO of Madi turned out beautiful Sheree, a real treasure!!

    Love the frilly dilly bag too, you did a great job. Mmmmm guess I will have to finish mine now huh!!??

    Have a great weekend, I am sad I won't be seeing you!!! I am totally over sick kids & a sick me LOL!!!

    Love Me xxx

  2. Sweets... that is one beautiful bag :)

    I love the LO for Maddie... so precious to document for her.


  3. A robot tooth! How cool!!! :D

    Your frilly dilly bag looks awesome! Sooooo very neat and I love your fabrics.

  4. What a huge week Under 8's turns out to be! Lol! We have it next wk followed by a wk of sports carnivals! Yikes!

    Just wanted to say thanks, for the lovely and encouraging comments you've been sending my way. I really do appreciate it. And you are right. I know I will appreciate those photos more than I realise.


  5. love the bag ... its totally gorgeous, you are making me want to make one!
    luv chanel

  6. Just letting you know that you've been tagged.

  7. WOW Sheree, your Frilly Dilly Bag looks FANTASTIC!! I love it and I am so glad you are happy with it too. Thanks for sharing it on your blog, I was thrilled to see it this morning.
    xx Janelle

  8. Gorgeous layout and bag... ouch for the dentist!!!
    Thanks for sharing my excitement also.. one layout will be in Scrapbook Creations and the other in Creative Keepsakes. I cannot wait to see them in print!!! I always look out for people I know in the mag - and have found you on occasion :).. so excited that I will soon get my turn.. if I can hold out all those months of waiting lol.

  9. Well done to Ayden...what a brave little man.

    Love your frilly dilly bag, its just gorgeous...

    Beautiful Layout too..

    Chat soon
    Cherie xx

  10. I just thought I'd stop by 'cause I read on Yvee's blog that you are coming to the @Home retreat! Yay! I'm glad you're coming too!
    I love the fabrics you chose for your bag - it looks fab!
    And your layout is really yum too.

  11. Another gorgeous bag. I love all the different fabrics you have used and the way it has all come together. Love your blog and your creations, I came across your work on Anna's Craft Cupboard

  12. It's always nice to see children not afraid to go to the dentists. I just introduced my 2 year-old son to my dentist in Greenville, and I was glad to hear him say that he's actually excited to have his first dental check-up. The dentist (Greenville, SC) was even fond of him because of his nice behavior.


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