Friday, May 22, 2009

Cookies and Cards...

Ahhhh.... I can't tell you how beautiful it is to see the sun shining today after all rain and gusty winds we've had for the last couple of days! Wow that rain really came down... and the wind was unbelievable!!! (The school & kindy runs were not fun AT ALL!!!) Thankfully we didn't suffer any damage and we were still able to get around on the roads ok without a lot of flooding where we are. So many others weren't so lucky! At least the drought is now officially over here and it's wonderful to see the dams filling up so well...

With the boys both at school and kindy today I thought it was a good morning to bake some choc chip cookies with Madi. Now don't fall of your chairs! LOL... As you may know I'm really not a baking kinda gal... *grin* ... but I thought I should be making more effort to do these sorts of things with Madi... especially when we have one-on-one time together.

Mmmmm... yum! Warm cookies fresh out of the oven... so good! Madi loved it!

I've got some cards to share today. These are from the Cuttlebug Card class that I ran at Sunbird Scrapbooking last Sunday. They're made using the Kaiser Mumma Bushka paper range...

Gotta run... I've got about a million things to do around the house before I do the school/kindy run! Well ok... not a million things... but there's still lots to do... so until next time have a great weekend and take care!
Sheree xx


  1. ooooh you better save one for me!!! Nudge nudge wink wink, they look great!!

    The cards are GREAT, I really think you made those papers look UNREAL. You always do a great job.

    Rain rain go away!!! It would be ok if you didn't have any kids & didn't have to work & could just lay around all day!! LOL

    have a great weekend! Chat soon.

    me xxx

    PS Woohoo I am the first comment. Small things.........(:

  2. LOL you crack me up Mel.......

    Great cards Sheree and I too agree with Mel (you always do great work)

    Had an awesome time last Friday night. I am thinking that we have another one the 5th June here again at my place. You up for that?

    Leanne :)

  3. Mmmmm homemade cookies are the BEST!
    I love your cards!!! The colours really catch your attention! I think it's the aqua - I'm a big fan of aqua!

  4. Nothing better than fresh warm cookies.... especially when the ingredients include chocolate!! Love those cards Sheree, that range of paper is just so cute too...

  5. So glad to hear you did not all get washed away.

    How cute is the first photo of Madi...just gorgeous...I bet we will see a layout of that real soon.

    Love the card...very cute and the cookies look yummmm

    Have a great weekend
    Cherie xx

  6. oh my goodness, could those first few photos be any cuter!!!

    The card is gorgeous too ofcourse, so colourful and sweet.

  7. MMMmmm! How lovely! Hope you had a great time baking with your gorgeous girl!

    Fantastic cards too! Loving the colours.

  8. ooooo I just love home made bikkies - espically when i overcook them just a wee bit and the have a slightly burnt taste to them - weird yeah i know! I received the Black apple doll in the mail SHEREE I LOVE IT!!! Loved it that much i made one for a girlfriends little girl but i modified it a little and turned it into a tooth fairy one. Will post piks soon - I intend on making more!!!

    thankyou sooo much xxxx

  9. Hi Sheree...just popped in to see if you had posted your frilly dilly bag yet....arent they divine!
    LOVE your cards Sheree... you really are the queen of amazing cards.
    Mardi x

  10. These cards are gorgeous, and you have made me hungry, lol


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