Friday, May 29, 2009

Under 8's Day, the Dentist and a Frilly Dilly Bag !

Ayden's had quite an eventful week this week. Wednesday saw them celebrate Under 8's week at school with a fun morning of activities and a teddy bears picnic. Parents were invited to come along and join in the fun so I went too. There was bubble blowing, painting, balloon animals, construction, colouring in, games, face painting, dinosaur world in the sandpit... and the list went on!The kids had a fantastic time... and it was crazy with kids darting here and there to all the different activities! Ayden's favourite things were the construction area, the painting.... and then we stood in a line for half an hour to get that orange balloon animal. LOL... When the bell went for morning tea we all headed to the oval for the picnic. Of course Ayden took his Mickey along for the day. It was lots of fun!

The next day however, was his trip to the dentist. Unfortunately he had to have a stainless steel crown put on to one of his teeth (just like Riley had done earlier this year in hospital.... grrrr) and we weren't sure how he was going to handle it in the chair....
But he was amazing!!!! What a brave boy!! Even the dentist said he was just about the best behaved little guy he'd had in there... we're so proud of him. So now Ayden has his very own 'robot' tooth. We're hoping that's the end of our dental dramas for a very long time.....

Today he had Old Macdonald's Farm visit his school for all the Year 1's. They got to feed and pat all the animals which he couldn't stop telling us about when he got home. I would've loved to have taken some photos! Oh well....

Now for a couple of shares....

Earlier in the week Mel came on over for a sewing night. We FINALLY got to sew our Frilly Dilly Bags (another of Janelle's gorgeous patterns). I'm actually a little embarrassed at how long I've had this pattern and the fabric all cut out and ready to go...let me just say it's been AGES! LOL... Now it's done and I LOVE it!!!!

I did do a little scrapping this week too. I've been meaning to scrap about this for a couple of years now...
Sorry the scan is a little bit shadowy... and I'm not sure you can read the journalling.... but it's all about Madison just after she was born. She was an undiagnosed breach and as a result ended up with dislocating hips So the day after she was born they put her in this splint. She was in it for 6 weeks and we couldn't remove it until her hips were properly healed and then she had to wear double cloth nappies for a further 12-13 weeks just to be sure. It certainly took a bit to get used to with feeding, bathing... even just holding her... and it looked so uncomfortable... poor little sweetie. But she was so good and handled it so well... and now you'd never know she had any troubles at all! Anyway....I'm so happy to finally get it down on paper.
Wow... this has turned into a long post....I think that's about it for now. Have a lovely weekend!
Sheree xx

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cookies and Cards...

Ahhhh.... I can't tell you how beautiful it is to see the sun shining today after all rain and gusty winds we've had for the last couple of days! Wow that rain really came down... and the wind was unbelievable!!! (The school & kindy runs were not fun AT ALL!!!) Thankfully we didn't suffer any damage and we were still able to get around on the roads ok without a lot of flooding where we are. So many others weren't so lucky! At least the drought is now officially over here and it's wonderful to see the dams filling up so well...

With the boys both at school and kindy today I thought it was a good morning to bake some choc chip cookies with Madi. Now don't fall of your chairs! LOL... As you may know I'm really not a baking kinda gal... *grin* ... but I thought I should be making more effort to do these sorts of things with Madi... especially when we have one-on-one time together.

Mmmmm... yum! Warm cookies fresh out of the oven... so good! Madi loved it!

I've got some cards to share today. These are from the Cuttlebug Card class that I ran at Sunbird Scrapbooking last Sunday. They're made using the Kaiser Mumma Bushka paper range...

Gotta run... I've got about a million things to do around the house before I do the school/kindy run! Well ok... not a million things... but there's still lots to do... so until next time have a great weekend and take care!
Sheree xx

Friday, May 15, 2009

And now for an update...

I think this could be a long one... so grab a cuppa and a comfy chair! I'll try not to ramble too much. LOL... Here we go...

Mother's Day was just beautiful! I woke up to 3 very excited little faces handing me pressies in bed. The boys had both made me gorgeous cards at school and kindy... aren't they the best kind of cards to receive?

These were from Ayden. He chose the massager and coffee mug at the Mother's Day stall at school and he decorated the soap in class. So cute!

Here's the inside of his card. I love the little picture of him and I under the big colourful rainbow.... and that message... adorable!

And Riley proudly gave me these...
We actually spent a lovely afternoon together at Kindy last Friday for a special Mother's Day afternoon tea when he made me these. I may be getting off track a little but I just have to record what we did. When I arrived at the Kindy, Riley led me around to some activities around the room. First he made me that sparkly heart pin for my shirt, then he led me to a seat where he proceded to five me a lovely back massage (using one of those plastic thingys) and rubbed some handcream into the backs of my hands, he then drew me the totally cute self portrait, we read a book together, then we made the beaded 'pandora' bracelet. We then all sat on the mat together and the kids sang us some songs (it literally brought tears to my eyes to see Riley singing to me - it's the first time he's ever joined in with the others to sing - it was the best part of the whole day for me!) The cupcake in the picture they made the week before to give us as our special Mother's Day gift... so cute as they'd also made real cupcakes which we snacked on for afternoon tea. It was a gorgeous afternoon and his teachers had obviously gone to a lot of trouble!

Ok... back to the actual Mother's Day.... Paul and the kids also got me a Bind-it-all!!! I've been wanting one of these for ages.. and this one is the V 2.0 which cuts thicker chipboard. Yay! I also got some new winter pj's which I really needed. I felt very spoiled that's for sure.
Paul then made me our traditional pancake breakfast... YUM! Then Mum & Dad came to visit for the day. We remembered to snap a couple of's Mum and I...
And here's the best pic we could get of the kids and I.... little wrigglers they were! Can you tell that Riley and Madi weren't in the mood? LOL
Paul cooked us a delicious lunch and we all enjoyed spending the day together.

Monday saw us spending the morning at the school for Ayden's first Cross Country run. Well... they called it cross country but it was actually more like morning of activities that they made their way around.
They did the egg & spoon race, some sprints, a lap of the oval, Duck Duck Goose and another funny game called Stork Crab Dog. We took a blanket and followed Ayden's class around to the different events to watch and cheer him on. He had lots of fun! I love that the school (particularly at this age) doesn't focus on winning ribbons, but rather focuses on participating and having a good time. It was such a beautiful morning for it too!

The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur... I can't believe it's Friday already! Yesterday I bought myself a Slow Cooker. It's the first time I've ever owned or used one (I know I'm a bit behind on these things...LOL)... but with the weather so cool I thought I'd give it a go... so...I've already got dinner cooking! Seems strange that dinner is already on at 10 in the morning... but I'm hoping everyone enjoys it tonight! It'll be great to have something we'll just have to get the kids to eat it... could be interesting...

Oh very clever Dad made me this recently...
I LOVE IT!!!! I was finding that having my wood mounted stamps in a pile on the shelf I wasn't using them as I couldn't see what I had. I've now got this sitting on my scrap desk. It doesn't take up much space and I can see all my stamps at a glance! (Thanks again Dad... it's awesome!!!)

Before I go here's a layout I put together last night.... just one layout this week as I'm still knitting Riley's blanket.... slowly but surely getting there! LOL

Hope you're all gearing up for a great weekend! Looks like gorgeous weather here... crossing my fingers it stays that way. Take care!

Sheree xx

Drumroll please....

And the winner is...


(I did use the random generator thingy to choose the winner... just couldn't work out how to put a picture of it on here to show you... having a blonde moment! :P)

Congrats Lisa! Just shoot through an e-mail to me at and I can organise the parcel to be sent out to you!

A huge thankyou to everyone who left comments to go into the draw. I was blown away by the response!! It was great to hear from you all!

Sheree xx

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2nd Blog Birthday!!!

Two years ago I started up this little blog not really having any idea what I was doing or how long I'd keep it up for. I had no idea how it would become such a fun part of my everyday... that I would make so many beautiful online friends through it! I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who drop by from time to time... and to those of you who take the time to leave me a comment...I LOVE to read them and it brightens my day to hear from you!

To celebrate my blog's birthday... or blogiversary (? hee hee hee) I thought I'd do a little giveaway...
If you'd like to go into the draw for this Black Apple Doll (from my last blog post) and needle holder (also made by me), all you need to do is leave a comment on this post by midnight Thursday 14 May...too easy!

I've been a little slack on updating over the last couple of weeks... and I have to confess that I've go no scrapping to share... sorry! I've been caught up doing other things lately and my scrapping has fallen by the way side....
My sewing machine saw some action the other day after I saw this totally cute craft apron on this clever gal's blog.... I love the fabrics she used and the gigantic flower! I thought I'd give it a go so I made up a simple pattern and managed to put this together with fabrics I already had...I wished I'd had some other bigger flowers in my stash... but I just used up what I had. It was fun to make either way.

I've also been knitting! I started this blanket for Riley last winter and never got it finished (surprise surprise... LOL).

Mum worked on one for Ayden (yes she finished knitting it last year of course!) which I just sewed together a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd better get a move on to get Riley's done... especially since he keeps asking me for it!! LOL... It's taking up a lot of my time lately...I'm not a super fast knitter like my Mum!

On Monday we decided to take the kids up to O'Reilly's to do their Tree Top Walk. Paul had heard about it and had been wanting to do it for ages... so we jumped into the car and went for a drive. It took a while to get there with long winding roads... and when we got there we couldn't believe how busy it was!!! (We shouldn't have been surprised though knowing it was a public holiday.) It was also quite chilly so I was glad I'd grabbed some jumpers before we left home. (Paul didn't think he'd need one... ha ha ha)

It was a beautiful area and the kids had a ball exploring the walking tracks... and the tree top walk was fun... and a little scary being so high on the suspension walkways! LOL... We've decided we need to make more time to do this sort of thing.. we don't do it enough!

This gorgeous charm necklace arrived in my letterbox recently too...I LOVE IT!! I was lucky enough to win it over on Chanel's blog and I've been wearing it everywhere! It's from her beautiful jewellery range at Enjoy Jewellery. Go and check out her site... she's got some gorgeous pieces there!

And it finally happened....I got hooked on Twilight!!!

Paul brought home the DVD the other night knowing I wanted to see it. I hadn't had time to read the books up until now and was wondering what all the fuss was about... but once I saw the movie that was it! I went out and bought all the books the next day and now I'm reading every chance I get! LOL... I knew it would eventually happen.... :)

Well I think that just about covers's turned into a mammoth post! Hope you've all got a lovely Mother's Day weekend planned. My Mum and Dad will be spending the day here so I'm really looking forward to it.
Sheree xx
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