Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Well if you're like me you're SO over chocolate right about now!!! It's rediculous the amount of eggs and chocolate bunnies we have in our kitchen...the kids must have been really good this year!! LOLWe spent the whole Easter weekend up at my Mum and Dad's place. The kids had so much fun being able to play with their cousins every day... something they don't get to do that often. I love that even though they don't see each other much they pick up right where they left off! I also got to catch up with both of my brothers as well...loved it! It's a pity it rained on and off all weekend... but it didn't spoil the fun. I didn't manage to any good photos of the kids doing their Easter hunt... very disappointing... but we were up so early and they were moving too fast for me to keep up!!!

I'd better do a quick update on our goings on in the lead up to the Easter weekend too while I'm all went by in a blur really!
Paul and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on Tuesday! (Sounds kinda weird to say it's only been 8 years since we've been together for 19 years!!! I know.... we took our sweet time! LOL) We haven't actually gone out to celebrate yet since Paul's been so busy with work, but we're planning on doing that next weekend. (Better late than never!) I've had these funny pics of Paul sitting around for a while so decided to scrap them to sort of mark the occasion. (I really need to do more about him... and the both of us together for that matter!)

Then I made a card with the leftovers...These American Crafts papers are my faves at the moment... love the colours! I remembered I've had some photos of the boys in their gumboots sitting around (for about 3yrs!) that would go really well with these colours so I dragged them out and got them scrapped too... felt good to finally get them onto paper!

Thursday we had Ayden's Easter Hat Parade at school. Our school gets the kids to make their hats themselves in class (makes it so much easier for us Mums and Dads at home!) and they had all done such a great job! Here's Ayden proudly wearing his...
It was a lot of fun! They all got to show off their hats, sang some songs and had a little dance too!

That's is from me a the moment. Hope you've all had a great Easter weekend! Try not to eat all those eggs in one go! LOL

Sheree xx


  1. woohoo first comment FINALLY!!! hee hee hee
    Ayden looks so cute what a great idea making them in class!!! Might have to suggest that to our school!!
    Glad you had a GREAT easter. Love the LO's as usual!!! Looove those papers too. Did a great job!!

    Congrats on your 8th Anniversary!!!

    Love Me xxx

  2. I love the bright colours on these layouts. Love the card too!

    It's totally ridiculous the amount of eggs we have too! The silly Easter Bunny left NINETY eggs hidden all round the house!

  3. happy anniversary - we celebrated ours last week too - love the layout and card you made!
    happy easter too ...
    luv chanel

  4. Congrats on your Anniversary xx

    Love the layout and the card...loving those AC papers too...

    Sounds like your Easter weekend was fun...

    take care
    Cherie xx

  5. So glad you had a great weekend! Happy Anniversary as well! What a busy time this is for you!!

    And don't you just love that concept where the kids make their easter hats in class! We had that last year, but this year the school didn't even have a parade.

    Have a great day! xx

  6. Love the colours in your layouts, so bright and cheerful. Aren't those littel houses on the American crafts paper the cutest.
    thanks for your comments on my blog, yep am happy with my swap layout, in fact I love it.
    Love your blog header, I think we must shop at the same place,lol.

  7. Hey there
    Was doing a little blog hopping and thought I'd leave a little *hiya*, LOVE all your shares and big congrats on your wedding anniversary too. :)
    Take care
    Chrissy x

  8. Wow Sheree I love love your layouts and the colours are just fantastic. Must go and get me some of those papers, very very yummy.

    Easter is certainly full and doesn't Ayden look so cute in his easter hat.

    Leeanne xxx


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