Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday!

Don't you just love Fridays? I'm looking forward to not having to do the school run in the rain again tomorrow morning that's for sure! :)

I had a bit of a fright this morning when I got up - I went down to the boys' room and noticed Riley wasn't in his bed. I checked the lounge room... not there... checked Madi's room... not there either... ok I started to panic at this point... calling his name and frantically searching the house... and then I found him....

sound asleep under our bed!!! I have no idea how long he'd been there... and surely it couldn't be very comfy under there? Don't kids do the weirdest things sometimes? LOL... I'm hoping he doesn't make this a habit!

Paul's been super busy at work over the past week or so now that he's started his new position... while I've been trying to get used to not working again. So while he's go go go, I'm trying to find some motivation to actually get things done and move out of my bored mood. The rainy weather isn't helping at the moment either! LOL

Riley has had a great time at kindy again this week. I love seeing the look on his face when he presents us with his latest artwork... so proud of himself! We're getting quite a collection on the fridge now! Ayden's been doing really well with his reading and writing homework. He also came home with an award from school today for being very helpful in the classroom and for being a kind friend to everyone! So proud of how he's going at school. Madi's been loving her new Barbie Thumberlina DVD, making up her own songs (so funny), throwing frequent tantrums when she doesn't get her own way... and she has lost my watch somewhere last night! (So frustrating not to have my watch on... I don't know how many times I glanced down at my bare wrist today... grrrr!)

While I've been avoiding anything resembling housework this week ( I know that sounds really bad! LOL), I did actually get a little creative. I signed up for Mardi's first online class (on Kim Archer's site) and got busy. It was such a fun class too! I got 4 layouts done in 4 days and managed to use up lots of scraps and old embellisments that I've had sitting around for ages - it always feels great to use up my stash! Here is what I ended up with...

I love that all the layouts used multiple photos too. It was great to get so many photos scrapped! (Loved the class Mardi! I'm looking forward to your next one!)

I also made a card this week for my beautiful friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday...

Then last night I dragged out my sewing machine to make this journal cover for Paul. (I was so surprised when he actually asked me to make him one for his work diary that he uses every day!!!) So I based it on Janelle's journal cover pattern, made a few adjustments to size and added a big pocket around the outside (Paul's request) for his bits and pieces, and here's how it turned out...

He loves it! (It was so hard not to add some buttons or something but of course that would have made it too girlie! LOL)

Wowee this post has turned out to be super long! I think that'll be it from me tonight. Have a fantastic weekend! Hope you've got something fun planned!

Sheree xx


  1. The layouts from the Mardi class are gorgeous Sheree! I had been thinking to sign up for that class - and now im convinced! Have a great weekend espically not having to drop kids at school. Its what i love most about sat mornings!!

  2. I loved all your layouts from Mardi's class! And your card is beautiful!

    What a great journal cover!

  3. hi Sheree, all your work looks so great ...
    luv chanel

  4. Hey Lovely, love the LO's they look even better in REAL life, LOL.

    Cutest photo of Riley, that is so funny. The girls love thumbelina too. The journal cover turned out awesome.

    Thanks for my beautiful card & pressie, it is on the TV cabinet so everyone can see it. I think my bday will last a week!! LOL

    talk soon
    Me xx

  5. Oh my I bet you did get a fright when you could not find Riley...

    LOve the layouts, I have still got the last one to do...

    Love the cover you made for are so clever

    Hope you had a lovely weeknd
    Cherie xx

  6. Beautiful lo's Sheree! I love Mardi's style...she super talented and I can see her elements in your work. Love it! Love it! Love it! Have a great weekend...


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