Sunday, February 8, 2009

3 Birthdays Within a Week!

My baby girl turned 2 last weekend! Wowee time sure has flown by... it feels like only yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital but here she is celebrating her 2nd birthday already! We got up early to open her presents since Paul had to head off to work. She was so excited and got right into tearing the paper off to see what was inside! She got a new doll's cradle, a Dora pop up house, clothes, a silver bracelet, plus a few other bits and pieces. Then later that morning Nanna, Grandpa and Uncle Steve arrived with MORE gifts! Two barbies, a barbie dvd, some dress-up shoes, a 3D castle book and a bubble blower! She was a very lucky girl... She thoroughly enjoyed her day!

We then had some wonderful news during the week that Paul's brother John and his wife Leigh had their very first baby...a totally gorgeous little baby boy they've named Noah. We drove up to Brisbane to see them in hospital on Wednesday. He really is adorable!! I did take a pic but haven't checked with them if they mind me posting it here so I'll leave it out for the time being.

Then it was my turn... it was my birthday on Thursday! Paul and the kids totally spoiled me... breakfast in bed, went out to lunch, Paul cooked dinner... plus they gave me some gorgeous new beads for my Pandora bracelet ( a little birdie, camera, hearts and mother & child beads - love them all!), some earrings and chocolates. Ayden also made me a little rainbow 'Mum'... too cute!

(The little tea cup bead in the photo was from my beautiful friend Mel for my birthday too! Love it!) We had a girl's night out on Friday to celebrate. We went to a fantastic Thai restaurant close by and it was so much fun to catch up. The food was so delicious, the company was fabulous! (Thank you again girls for a great night... and those gorgeous pressies too!)Now for a couple of shares... I found this card in my scraproom that i made last year but haven't posted here yet. It was inspired by a card I saw on the Pink Paislee blog a while ago but I have no idea who made it now...

And here are a couple of layouts too. (I've scraplifted myself for the second layout. LOL Makes for a quick page!)

Ok that's it for today! Better go and see what the kids are up too... they've suddenly gone way to quiet... LOL.

Take care!

Sheree xx


  1. Happy birthdays to you all! :) I love my pandora too. I have my eye on the bird for my upcoming birthday... :) And the cupcake. :)

    Your Nan card is just gorgeous! Love your multi-photo layouts!

  2. OMG Madi is 2 how fast does that go?? watch out she will be barbie mad now!!! Impressed with those cupcakes, you cooking a& all!!! LOL So many birthdays so little time. I had a great time too & it is always nice to spoil a GREAT friend. Loving that Pandora....mmm have my order in, guess we will see!!!
    Love the LO's as always. Will have to show you the ones I did with your sketch!!! Bring on a sketch blog baby!!!
    See you this week for that cup of tea LOL.
    Love Me xx

  3. Happy Birthday to you all. Love the pandora and I am so sorry that I got the bird, hopefully you are able to swap it for something else...Had a fabulous night at Tuk Tuk, still think it is something that we women should do slightly more often, there is nothing like going out with the girls, letting your hair down and just having a good time. I am about to update my blog with some of the photos from Friday night so look out as there is a ripper of you in there LOL
    Nah I could never be that nasty to you chickadee

    Me xxxxxx

  4. Oh wow where did the time go...
    Im glad to hear Madi had a lovely birthday...

    Congrats to your BIL and SIL... Noah is such a gorgeous name...

    Happy Birthday to you too, I am glad you got spoilt and had a lovely day too...

    Love the layouts and the card is very cute...

    Have a great week
    Chat soon
    Cherie xx

  5. those layouts are TOO CUTE! but i adore anything yellow :)

    just thought id say 'hi'!

    xxx K

  6. Hi Sheree,

    Just dropped in to catch up and was gobsmacked by how Maddi has grown. The cute baby has turned into a cute little girl! Happy birthday for Thursday, love your Nan card. Sylvia

  7. Happy very belated birthday - your pandora looks gorgeous. I really, really love the birdie charm...just gorgeous!


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