Friday, November 14, 2008

This week at our place...

I know it's still November but I can feel Christmas coming on! It really is my favourite time of year and I've been getting all inspired to start making all sorts of things from reading blogs, and of course, signing up to Kim Archer's Jingle Bells workshop! I did Kim's Christmas workshop last year and I absolutely LOVED it! She comes up so many great ideas for gift giving and decorating... and it's lots of fun. If you've never done it before head on over and have a look at Kim's site. I can't wait to get started...just gotta gather some supplies...

I've got two layouts to share from my Scrap-a-Sketch class over at Sunbird Scrapbooking today. I had a bit of fun with these and used a few techniques that I hadn't done in while.
(I can't believe how little Madi is in these photos! She's grown soooo much since then...)

I had a go at making these flowers. (Don't know why I've never done them before... they were soooo easy!) Also used my fave Pink Paislee butterfly stamp...

A bit of watermark stamping on this one... haven't done that in AGES!

On the home front, we had the pleasure of watching Ayden's class perform a song at assembly this morning. I just love seeing the way Ayden lights up and you can see how much he enjoys it - he turns into a little groover! It's the cutest thing...I find myself smiling so hard through the whole thing my cheeks hurt and my eyes water... so proud of him! (It's a mum thing. LOL) Even when they sing the school song there he is grooving away on the spot. His teacher gets a real kick out of it too. He's such a funny little thing!
Riley and Madi are great too. They've been playing together so well lately and it's so nice to see. Riley is being so much more patient with Madi and helping her, letting her play with his toys. Gotta love it!

Paul's back at work this week - only he was very disappointed that I had to work today as he missed out on a morning at Skirmish with his work mates! Ah well.... maybe next time. He did head out there with Madi and Riley in tow, but the guys gave him heaps, teasing him that he missed out on all the fun! Poor thing...

I've got so much I want to do over the next few weeks I just don't know how I'm going to fit it all in! Sewing, scrapping, shopping, wrapping, decorating... the list goes on! I think I need a plan.....and more than 24 hours in a day would help too! LOL

Hope everyone's got a great weekend planned! We're hoping to head on down to the beach and park tomorrow. It'll be nice to get out of the house together for some fresh sea air....

Take care!
Sheree xx
ps. A BIG Happy 9th Birthday to my gorgeous niece Taylah-Jaide! Hope you had a fun day! xx


  1. ive booked into the classes to sheree and made the tiny tags last night! fun! your flowers look fabulous. they look like the new prima flowers. you are too clever. might be trying those ones!enjoy the weekend, Leax

  2. Woohoo another blog post. You are one BUSY lady, how you find the time!!?? Congrats to Ayden & the other two too. You must be proud. They really are all gorgeous!!! Hope you have a great time at the beach!! As usual love the two LO's!!! Chat soon.
    Me xx

  3. Gorgeous lo's Sheree, and I LOVE those flowers! They look great.

  4. Gorgeous Layouts and WOW those flowers are just easy is easy..I would love to know, could you PRETTY PLEASE send me the instructions...

    I have not signed up for the jingle bell workshop this year as I just have to much other stuff going on but I am really thinking now I wish I did....

    Have a great week and chat soon

    Cherie xx

  5. Hi Sheree... how lovely tonight to catch up on all your news...and to be inspired to scrap! Love seeing all your layouts....and sewing as well.
    Madi has grown so much lately...and how cute that she is in a bed now...she looks very happy with herself in that photo.
    It sounds as though you have been busy busy with lots going on...I know that feeling very well!
    Take care...
    Mardi x

  6. Kim's class is fantastic hey! I look forward to seeing what you create!

    Your layered flower looks excellent! I used a pre-made one recently but haven't tried making one. I might try it!


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