Thursday, October 9, 2008

This week...

Another week has flown by in a blur... I'm finding it so hard to keep up at the moment! Time for another quick blog update...

Here are the two layout examples from my Scrap-a-Sketch class at Sunbird Scrapbooking yesterday...(Hi girls!)

I absolutely LOVE the new Basic Grey Urban Prairie range and it was so much fun to use too! (It turned out that Madi is looking at the blue lady bug in both the small pics...hee hee hee)

I did a bit of stamping on the next one - both the journalling and the title. I'm not sure if you can see (try clicking on the layout to get a larger view) but I've used little orange french knots for each point in my journalled list.

On the home front...Ayden really enjoyed being home these holidays - although he was quite excited to go back and see his friends again. To finish the holidays, Paul took both the boys to see the Airshow out at the Amberley RAAF Base on Sunday. I would've tagged along but had to work that day... (I grew up in Amberley (Dad was in the RAAF) so it would've been kinda fun to check the place out again... I'm sure it would've brought lots of memories flooding back.) It turned out to be quite a hot day and in the end the boys didn't last as long as Paul had hoped. They did enjoy the time they had there though and came home telling me all about the jets and helicopters and things. Madi spent the day with Mum & Dad (Paul dropped her off on the way) and she got totally spoiled by Grandpa! A new Dora couch, a little Dora figurine and a little Dora watch... she was loving it! I think Grandpa really enjoyed having a day with just her... I was relieved to hear how great she was for them as she's never been left with anyone on her own before - usually the boys are right there with her. She had such a great time!

Monday was back to school for Ayden and he's right back in the swing of it. I've been working and doing classes all week so Paul has had lots of time on his days off home with Riley & Madi playing and doing all sorts of things together. They even got out to the park to fly a kite today! They've been loving their time with Daddy.

That's about all there is to tell at the moment. Paul and I are gearing up for a big night of viewing on TV tonight.... 2 hours of Heroes followed by Prison Break!! We'll be loving Thursday nights now. It'll get even better next Thursday when The Amazing Race starts again on the same night... LOVE it!!!

Hope everyone's having a great week!
Sheree xx


  1. Hey Sheree,

    How are you?! Great layouts honey...always so beautiful.

    Megan xx

  2. How cute are those photos of Madi! ROFL. I love those expressions.

    I just bought some of those tiny hero arts stamps! I had been trying to track them down for years! You'd think I'd get stuck into them straight away but they are still unwrapped!

  3. OOOHHHH Sheree lOOOOOve the LO' know I am a fellow addicted Urban Prairie Girl & those photos of Madi rock!!!
    Glad Madi was good for Grandpa,knew she would be!! Great that the boys had a blast too!! ]
    Looking forward to catching up real soon.
    Love Me xx

  4. Yep! I agree. No scrapping to be done on Thursday nights! Lol!! Can't wait for Amazing Race to start.

    Have a great day.

  5. Hi Sheree, just a note to let you know I WUZ HERE (back from the other side of the world)
    Love both the current LO's (as always)

  6. Just too cute ...the expressions on Madis face are just priceless... and how cute is Riley...

    Sounds like the boys and Paul had a lovely time at the airshow and how sweet of grandpa to spoil Madi....

    Have a great weekend
    Cherie xx

  7. Hi Sheree,

    Your layouts are just gorgeous as usual. Great photos of both Madi and Riley.


    leeanne xxx

  8. Love those 2 layouts!!! I really love the way it looks like Madi is gasping at the ladybug... it's adorable!! I too find it hard to keep up with things, life just flies by doesn't it!


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