Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This past week or so....

I know.... I've been very slack updating my blog lately! Sorry... it's just been so busy around here! I've been flat out organising and creating my November classes for Sunbird Scrapbooking, plus I've caught the sewing bug now thanks to Janelle and her gorgeous patterns!

So here's a quick update about what we've been up to over the last week or so...
  • We took Riley to his Kindy enrolment day getting him ready for next year. He seems to really like the place (thank goodness!) and his new teacher seems sooo lovely. He's very proud of his new kindy hat (that we got on the day) and we ordered his kindy shirts (he chose green - his fave colour). We just hope he's still as keen by the time kindy starts in the new year!

  • We've also got Ayden all organised for school next year. Books are ordered, fees are paid, uniform is all set. All we need to do is buy him some new shoes. I can't believe we're so organised!

  • Madi got her very first 'big girl' bed! So that's it... no more cot at our place. (A little sad that our baby girl is growing so fast... where has the time gone?) She helped Daddy put the bed together, then helped me put all her pretty new sheets and pillows on it, then had an absolute ball jumping all over it! She was so funny to watch... we're just working on getting her to stay in it through the night now!

  • Mel and Leanne came around on Sunday for a sewing night. We chatted, sewed and ate way too many lollies. We've all definately caught the sewing bug!

  • Paul's on leave at the moment and has finally found time to tinker away in the garage on his helicopter project. He's in there right now banging away at something...

So that's about it for now. I've been missing visiting everyone's blogs lately too. I just haven't had any time at the computer! Hopefully I'll get there over the next few days.

I'll leave you with a layout I did a little while ago...enjoy the rest of your week!

Sheree xx


  1. Wooohooo you are BACK!! Have missed your daily entries. Madi looks so cute in her bed, love the cover etc!!! I still look at Liv in her big girl bed & tear up!! My baby is finally growing up too. Chat soon, can't wait to see what you have made & your new LO's.
    Me xx

  2. Wow - this is such a cool layout Sheree! Love it!

    My mum and I are currently working on Janelle's bluebirds quilt. I'm doing the patchwork and mum's doing the embroidery. I love the quilt!

    Grats on your big bed Madi! :D

  3. wow look at your little baby girl in a big bed...oh where does the time go....she looks very proud of it...

    Oh my gosh how organised are you for next year...well done

    Love the layout...what is the PP you have used? looks very cool...

    Enjoy the rest of your week and happy sewing

    Cherie xx

  4. Love your layout Sheree such a great colour combo.

    omg!! I can't believe you are so organized for next year, that's very impressive. so glad Riley is excited by Kindy next year, I'm sure he'll be able to maintain the excitement until then.

    Oh and how gorgeous does Madi look on her very pretty big girls bed. So so cute.

    Have a lovely week


    leeanne x


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