Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some scrapping and sewing...

Grrrr.... COMPUTERS!!! When they're working they're awesome... when they start to play up they are the most frustrating things... and then you realise just how much you rely on them to stay in contact with the world!!!! Ours has been out of action for a few days and my very clever (and extremely patient) hubby has finally been able to load everything back on and get everything working again. (Thank goodness it wasn't left up to me!!! We'd still have no computer to use... disastrous!) Because of all the dramas we've actually lost all e-mails we've received over the past few weeks... so if you did e-mail me and I haven't replied please don't think I'm ignoring you!! LOL. Just send me another quick one and I'll get back to you asap.

So anyway... that's why I haven't updated my blog until now! So first off I'll start with a layout share. (Only one layout I'm afraid... we lost the scans of the other one from my class and now it's at the shop so I'll have to post that one here another time.....) This is from Wednesday's Scrap-a-Sketch class at Sunbird Scrapbooking...

Lots of hand-stitching on this one... and all those french knots took a while to do but was worth it I think.
I've also been doing a bit of sewing over the past week or so. Janelle has created some fabulous patterns and I couldn't wait to give them a go. If you haven't seen any of her work do yourself a favour and go and have a look at her blog. Her creations are SO beautiful and SO inspiring!!! I've made two of Janelle's Thelma journal cover so far. I'm thinking these will be perfect as teacher gifts at the end of the year...
Now I'm not a sewer so if I can make these then anyone can! I've never done any quilting before, or much sewing at all for that matter.... but I went onto You Tube to find some tutorials on slip stitching and how to do the binding and it really helped. Gotta love the internet!!! I'm planning on making more of these Janelle's about to release another pattern that includes instructions for another 4 journal covers! Can't wait for that one now...

Better go and see what the kids are up to... it's unusually quiet out there in the loungeroom at the Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Sheree xx


  1. love the little drama queen..
    and glad to say that, u have a lovely kids!!

  2. Aren't you clever! They look fantastic! I recognised Janelle's pattern straight away. I love the oval ring you've used.

    What a pain computers can be when they start playing up! I hope you didn't lose too much! It's great to have you back. :D

  3. What a great idea for the teacher's gift! I might have to borrow that one from you! lol! Off to visit Janelle!

  4. OMG and you are NOT a sewer?!?!?! Ooooh....those journals look just so beautiful! Stunning layout as well Sheree!

  5. This layout is perfect Sheree.

    I can't wait to start my journal cover too. I am terrified that I will mess it up I can't sew to save my life!

    Yep - agree. Computers are fab when they work...not so great when they don't!

    Hope it's all fixed properly now!


  6. Love the layout...all the handstitching and knots...just gorgeous

    love the sweet....been thinking of doing some too but like belinda I dont want to stuff mine up!!

    Have a great week
    Chat soon
    Cherie xx

  7. Beautiful beautiful beautiful as usual!! Just loving Janelles stuff she is sooo clever isn't she!!!
    Glad your computer is up would miss the emails!!! LOL
    Chat soon. Melxx

  8. These are just gorgeous Sheree.
    You are very clever considering you haven't done much sewing before.
    Well done :0)
    janelle has the MOST gorgeous patterns hey.

  9. WOWEE your journal covers look sensational!! You must be VERY proud. I know I am. Great work - can't wait to see what you stitch next. x Janelle


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