Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School Holidays and Scrapping...

The kids have been having such a great time on school holidays... and it's been fun to see them all playing together every day. I have to admit I've loved not having to get up early to get organised for the school run each day too! We haven't really done anything major but we've had a few bbq's, trips to the pool and the park, shopping, the movies to see Wall-E, the beach and friends over to play. I can't believe holidays are nearly over already! Here are a few photos we took at Burleigh Beach the other day...
We just couldn't keep the boys out of the water! They really do have so much fun...

Madi looks so cute in her new pink Dora swimmers... although she wasn't quite ready to test them out in the water... not too sure about that wet stuff! It took her a while to actually walk on the sand too! Funny little thing... but she still had fun and once she discovered her bucket and spade she was one happy girl!

I'm sure we'll squeeze a few more things into the holidays for the kids before school starts again...

In amongst all the holiday fun I've managed to fit it a little scrapping here and there. First of all here's a little birthday card I made for my friend Leanne last week. (We had her surprise 40th birthday dinner on the weekend - so much fun to see her reaction when she arrived to find us all there at her fave restaurant! Even better to see her face when her Mum came around the corner!!!)

Here's a layout I did a few weeks back on Paul & Madi using some of my fave October Afternoon papers...

And finally, my two examples from today's Scrap-a-Sketch class at Sunbird Scrapbooking... (Check out the new October timetable! There are so many classes to chose from and we'd love to see you there!)

So I guess that's it from me today! Enjoy the rest of the school holidays! I know I'll be trying to sneak in a couple more sleep-ins before Monday! LOL!

Sheree xx


  1. Hi Sheree,

    I know what you mean I love the holidays too and being able to relax a little more in the mornings.

    LOve your layouts, I can't pick a fav but I do love those cute pigtails of Madi's very very cute.

    Have a great week

    Leeanne x

  2. Love your work as usual Sheree. Thank you for my card and my adorable super cute teapot. It has the front possie in front of all my others LOL
    Thank you for also being there on Saturday night. I had the best time it was certainly a surptise that's for sure
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays

  3. LOVE all those layouts cute is Madi and those pig tails....

    LOL Madi and the sand...Velvet is a bit the same, she hates going outside with no shoes on...she is not even that keen on walking on the lawn barefoot...

    Hope you get to have your sleep ins

    Cherie xx

  4. Hello Lovely
    As usual what can I say, GREAT LO's. (even though I have seen them LOL). Oooh just realised hadn't seen the last one....IT IS COOL!!!! Looking forward to our catch up tomorrow.
    Love Me xx

  5. Awww! I absolutely LOVE that "messy pigtails" lo. Just beautiful! Glad you are having a great time with the kids. I must admit, I'm enjoying not having the school run too!

    Have a good one.


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