Sunday, September 21, 2008

Riley's birthday, Ayden's 3rd award, a crab & painted toes!

I know.... I've been really slack with my blog posts....It's just been such a crazy week this week!

We had a big birthday weekend last weekend for Riley... can't believe he's turned 4 already! He had such a great day on Saturday. It started with opening the prezzies (of course) and he got lots of new additions to his Thomas track... to say he was happy was an understatement. He said it was "the best birthday I ever seen!". LOL
So we spent some time at home throughout the morning so he could play, then we headed over to 2BKids (an indoor ball play/climbing/play centre). All three of the kids had such a fun time! We came home (exhausted) in the afternoon for dinner and cake. Then on the Sunday Mum & Dad came down for a BBQ for a second birthday celebration! They brought along more fun prezzies (including another cool bridge addition for his track) and he was so excited! We ate, played and had another birthday cake! Before we knew it his birthday weekend was all over... although his new and improved Thomas track has been getting quite a workout ever since! He loves it...

The rest of my week has been spent working, running classes, getting organised for October classes and doing things with the kids while attempting to keep up with the housework (although I think I was failing dismally in that department! LOL) I ran a card class on Monday night at Sunbird Scrapbooking. It was a lot of fun and I met 3 lovely ladies.... Then I had another Scrap-a-Sketch class on Thursday... so nice to see some new faces coming along too! Here are my 2 layout examples from the class...

The new class timetable for October will be out shortly on the Sunbird website. There are HEAPS of classes scheduled throughout the month with not only myself, but Leanne, Trish and Sue too so keep an eye out! We'd love to see you there!
Here's another layout I haven't posted here yet. It appeared in Scrapbooking Memories a couple of months back.

I love this photo of my Dad and Ayden catching forty winks together. It was taken on their birthday (they share the same birthday!) and obviously the celebrations wore them out! LOL!
Friday morning at school we hung around for the morning assembly as Ayden's class was performing a (very cute) song! I'd love to share the pics but the usual story... don't have all the other kids' parent's permission... but here's one of Ayden just before it...
He's wearing a t-shirt instead of his uniform shirt 'cause they had Wacky Shirt day to raise money for charity. He also wore the bandana and some shades for his part in the performance! Very cool! Then to top off a great morning, Ayden was awarded ANOTHER award!!! His 3rd for the year! This one was for his kindness and perserverance in class! We're so very proud of our little man!!! We're so glad we were there to see him get his one after missing out last time...
I know this is turning into quite a long post... but I just wanted to get the following couple of things down so I don't forget them...

The other morning when Riley was taking his shoes off at the front door he came running in to where I was in the kitchen shouting..."Mum! Mum! There's a crab on my shoe!!" I said "A crab?" He said "Yes Mum, come ON!!" I was so intrigued to see what the 'crab' was... and when he showed me this is what it was...
It was just a prickle! But obviously to him it looked just like a crab... too funny! There was no way he was going to touch it either way. LOL!

Madi has her first ever painted toenails! She's ever so proud of them too...(not a very good photo sorry!)
I was painting mine the other morning and as soon as she saw me she ripped her shoes off, stuck her toes out, pointed at them saying, "Mum...pease? Mum... pease?" How could I resist? She does look very cute with her little painted toes and she's checking them out whenever she can! She's such a girl...

Anyway...I think that's about it!!? There's probably something I've missed and I'm sure I'll think of it later on... I've missed visiting everyone's blogs lately too but hopefully I'll get there over the next couple of days to catch up. Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!

Sheree xx


  1. Sheree you have had a busy week!!!

    Love the 'crab' on the sandals and that pedicure is incredibly cute - well the toes are :o)

    Have a great week
    Rachie xx

  2. Wow you've certainly had a busy week!! I'm tired just reading about it (hehe).

    Happy birthday to Riley he looks so happy with all his thomas track and trains and how adorable is the crab in the sandal. Priceless.

    Lovin Madi's painted toes what a girly girl.

    Great Lo's and the photo of your dad and Ayden after their birthday celebrations is great.

    Have a lovey week Sheree


    Leeanne x

  3. oh finally!!! i have been waiting for an update!lol. i love reading your blog, hearing about your family and seeing your beautiful work. thanks for sharing sheree! have a happy, happy week.
    ps love those litle toenails of madi's, so cute!

  4. Happy belated Birthday wishes to Riley.... sounds like he had a fantastic time

    LOVE the layouts you have done for the classes ......just gorgeous

    Well done to Ayden on his award....

    LOL the crabs on Rileys shoes ....that is so funny and SO cute .....I hope you do a layout on that

    Love the painted cute toes, they look very pretty.

    Have a great week
    Chat soon
    Cherie xx

  5. Hey there busy girl! Love Madi's painted toenails. :) How cute are they.
    Your layouts are gorgeous. I especially love the colours in the first one!

  6. Well third time lucky hey??What a great post, so much info. Your kids are gorgeous!!! I still crack up at the crab...& Madi is a woman already LOL....just wait until she is stealing your makeup. Go Ayden!! Of course LOOOVE your LO's but I always do!! You really need to go for a big company Sheree they need to see your talent!! Love ya Me xx PS about time you did another post....hee hee

  7. Wow! You've been kept busy!! Your lo's are gorgeous! And I hope Riley gets lots of fun out of his "best ever birthday", birthday presents!!! Lol!

    Have a great day!

  8. Happy Birthday to Riley... Congratulations to Ayden...and how cute is Madi with htose pretty little toe nails...
    Lol at the crab....I could kind of see the resemblance once you mentioned it...
    Mardi x


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