Friday, September 5, 2008

An award, a parade, a bridal shower & scrapping...

I got the most wonderful surprise when I picked Ayden up from school today! He got his 2nd award for the year!!!!

He got this one for trying hard with his writing and letter sounds.... We're so proud of our little man!!!!! I am really disappointed though that I missed him being presented with it at their assembly this morning. Normally they let you know when something like that is going to happen so you can attend and take some photos, but they must have forgotten this time around. Luckily though one of the other Mum's took a photo for me when she noticed I wasn't there (I was so grateful!) so at least we'll have a pic to look at!

It's been such a busy week at the school. We had the Book Character Parade on Wednesday. Ayden went as Batman and it was so much fun seeing all the kids arrive in their costumes. Everyone made such a great effort to take part and they all had a ball! Here's my cute little super hero...

Then yesterday we had a surprise bridal shower for Ayden's teacher! There were lots of secret notes and e-mails in the lead up to it and thankfully she never got wind of what was going on... then yesterday at 2pm when she was bringing the kids back from the library she discovered a party at the classroom just for her! Everything was red and white (her wedding colours), lots of yummy food, toilet paper flowers and dress, just about all the mums wore red, and the kids had a ball! It was so much fun to see her reaction! We all put in for a few gifts as well... she was so overwhelmed...a little teary at times... she loved it and it was great to be part of it! Wish I had some photos but I forgot my camera. (How silly was that!?) She's on leave now and gets married next week and we all can't wait to see the photos!

I managed to catch up and have cuppas with two gorgeous friends this week too... Leanne on Wednesday and Mel this morning with two of her little cuties. I just love spending time with these girls... always have a good laugh! Definitely need to do it more often!

I've got a couple of layouts to share this week. I've used a couple of older fave photos of Madi that I just haven't gotten around to scrapping yet... (Thanks to Belinda's & Leeanne's advice you should now be able to click on the images of my layouts to get a larger view! YAY! Thanks girls I've been trying to work out how to do it for AGES!!)

For anyone who may be wondering, gorgeous little Tayla Rose is doing quite well so far which is great news! She's even had a few cuddles with Mum now (which I'm sure must have been so wonderful for Kirsty.) Here's hoping she continues to improve and grow stronger every day!
Well I think that's it from me tonight! Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day this weekend! My Mum & Dad are coming to stay for the weekend which will be great! I'm looking forward to it! Ayden's all excited about his Father's Day Stall pressies that he bought for Daddy today too.... which reminds me I've got some wrapping to do!!! Better go!
Sheree xx


  1. Oh Sheree I love the are too talented...
    Yah to Ayden for his award....well done..
    We did not do anything for book week this year at school...not sure why???? The kids love getting dressed up...
    Glad to hear that Tayla is doing well...

    Have a great weekend with your Mum and Dad... I hope Paul and the kids enjoy fathers day...
    Chat soon
    Cherie xx

  2. Yipeee Ayden - way to go honey!! :D

    Also a big yay for being able to enlarge our happy about

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend Sheree.


  3. I love your gorgeous bright colours Sheree!

    Congratulations Ayden! And how awesome to have a bridal shower!

  4. Congrat to Ayden for that wonderful award and grrrr. I know exactly what you're feeling when the school doesn't pass on the info!

    Loving the lo's and aren't we having fun with Book Weeks!!! Lol!

    Hope you have a fantastic day and thanks for the lovely comments left on my blog!


  5. look at Ayden's happy little face with his award. fabulous! Such cute pics of madi as usual and such pretty layouts too.

  6. Yah gooo Ayden....clever little boy!! Love the Lo's too, but you know what I think about your stuff.....ROCKING babe! It sure is nice to spend time with such a lovely lady!! Your kids are cool 2!! Next time we will have to take photos LOL, like we don't have enough to scrap!!! I always seem to forget my soon have a great week-end.....

  7. Just gorgeous layouts you're doing... so pretty!!
    Congrats to your little man too on the award... I have my first baby at school next year. He can't wait to start learning!! They just grow up so quickly...

  8. Sheree your layouts are just simply stunning. SO pretty.

    Congrats to Ayden for his award, well done. 2 awards in one year is very impressive.


    Leeanne xxx

  9. Hey Sheree, your been tagged and won an award.

  10. That's great Sheree about enlarging your work - I tried, but failed to find out - lol... and blogger were impossible to contact.. and I saw Leeanne had figured it out, which was great!! And that is the most gorgeous Batman I have ever seen - I know what you mean about the school not informing - it happens to me all the time... so frustrating!! LOVELY work Sheree... always great to see your work... I hope you are having a great week!

  11. What a sweet baby and what gorgeous LO's!

  12. Love reading your Blogs...
    So what have you been sewing?
    Looking forward to class on Friday see you then


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