Friday, August 29, 2008

A precious new baby girl...

Just look at this precious little baby girl...

My friend Val's daughter Kirsty gave birth to beautiful Tayla Rose early Wednesday morning at only 27 weeks! She weighs only 1122g... so tiny!!! Mum & Bub are doing well and Val is over the moon about her gorgeous little granddaughter! I can't wait to meet her... she's so adorable! Welcome to the world beautiful girl!

It's a public holiday here today for the Gold Coast show. We were going to take the kids but today saw lots of black clouds rolling in and we just didn't feel like getting caught in the rain. Maybe next year.... Instead Paul has just taken the boys to see the Star Wars- The Clone Wars movie... I'm not sure who'll enjoy it more - Paul or the boys!?

There's not a lot to tell about this past week - the usual at home stuff. I did have a Scrap-a-Sketch class at Sunbird Scrapbooking though. It's always fun to catch up with the girls! Here are my two class examples for this week...

Sorry - not the best scans of these... there were a few lumpy embellishments on them playing havoc with the scanner! You get the idea though.... I finally got to use my Chatterbox papers (on the second one)... so much fun to use!

There are lots of classes scheduled throughout September over at Sunbird so if you're here on the Gold Coast head over to the website for a look! There are weekday, weekend and even a couple of night classes to choose from with a variety of teachers and class themes. I'd love to see you there!

Well, I can hear Madi clip-clopping around the house... sounds like she's found some of my high-heels again! LOL! She really is such a girl! Totally obsessed with shoes and she's so proud of herself when she manages to get mine on. I'm always finding my shoes around the house in strange places... the boys' room, the kitchen, the bathroom. Here's a photo I snapped of her this morning in my heels...

Hope you've all got great plans for the weekend! I'm off to rescue my shoes...LOL!

Sheree xx


  1. Beautiful LO's as usual Sheree!! Isn't Tayla gorgeous!! Can't wait to see your classes for Sept. Chat soon Me xx
    PS Madi is the cutest!!!

  2. Lol! What is it about kids and mum's shoes!!! Mine do the same - except it's mostly the two boys I find who are the culprits! *insert puzzled look here* Lol!

    Love the lo's Sheree! Hope you are having a great day!


  3. Hi Sheree
    I found the link to your blog on Helens blog so i thought i would check it out.
    what can i sayi absaloutly LOVE your scrapping style...your amazing! Love Love Love all your work.
    Tayla looks so cute and so very tiny.
    Have a good weekend and it was great to discover your blog.
    Lucy :)

  4. Oh Sheree, beautiful, fun layouts once again. How cute is Madi and looks like her hair has grown, such a little girl. Enjoy your weekend!Leax

  5. Hi Sheree.. loved popping in and seeing what you have been up too..
    Your layouts are just gorgeous Sheree... you always have a fun...bright..playful look to your work.
    Petty cool photos of Miss Madi too...loving those heels...and the hair on the
    Mardi x

  6. HI Sheree,
    Oh wow 27 weeks and so tiny!!! I wish tiny Tayla all the best xo

    Love the layouts for the class...just beautiful as always....

    How cute does Madi look...she is just adorable...

    Hope you are having a great weekend
    Chat again soon
    Cherie xx

  7. Too funny and too cute!!!
    Your work - once again Sheree - AWESOME!!! That first one is a rippa!!! Well done!!!! I took the boys to see the Clone Wars - we are HUGE SW fans.... hope the boys liked it!!!! Have a great week!!!!

  8. What an absolutely precious little baby Tayla is, so so tiny.
    I remember when Madeleine used to that, she loved getting into my heals. Now of course we have the same size feet. Now I can wear her shoes (lol).
    Love you Lo's they are fantastic.
    Have a great week
    Leeanne xxx

  9. Sheree your work is absolutely beautiful! And that dear little baby - she looks so strong - I do hope her mum is okay too. LOL at your little shoe model - she's gorgeous!


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