Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mozzies, layouts and a gyro...

How good has the Olympics been!? We've been really enjoying all the action on tv whenever we can and there has been so many amazing moments. Riley is now so tuned into recognising the Aussie athletes wearing the green and gold, that everywhere we go now if he sees someone wearing a yellow shirt he yells out... "Look Mum! There's a Mozzie!" So funny...

I had another Scrap-a-Sketch class at Sunbird Scrapbooking yesterday. (Thanks for coming along girls!) Here are my two layout examples...

(I'm loving October Afternoon products at the moment! Can't get enough!)

(The doodled border has been cut off the left hand side of this one in the scan but you get the idea.) I've been meaning to scrap these great pics of Ayden and Boen for ages! So glad I've finally done it.

The Sunbird Scrapbooking website is now up and running too! There are still a few things to be added but you can now view the class timetable and read all about the new teachers we have too. Also, if you are in the Gold Coast area over this weekend (and next weekend too), head on in to the store as Sunbird is having a big "Clean Out The Nest" sale with a huge range of papers at 50% off! (The store is now open on Sundays 10.30am till 3pm starting this weekend!)

Yesterday Riley got a sneak peek of the Kindy he'll be going to next year and he was SO excited!!!! He couldn't wait to tell me all about it when I got home from work yesterday arvo... telling me all about the tractors and all the toys they have there! I really hope he's still as excited about it when we drop him off for the first time. LOL I think he's more than ready for it and I'm sure he's going to absolutely love it once he starts. Just gotta wait for the new year now! (Although I'm not in any hurry ... hee hee)
Paul's gone for a drive down south today....he's finally gone ahead and bought himself a gyrocopter. ARRGGGGHHHH!!!!! I'm shivering in my shoes just thinking about him flying the thing around....I know he's an awesome helicopter pilot and all, but I just can't feel good about him flying a gyro! Mum has told him he's only allowed to sit and look at it and takes photos of it.... I'm with her! LOL!

Anyway, that's about it from me today! Hope you're all enjoying you week. I've got one very tired little girl to put to bed....

Sheree xx


  1. I love those October Afternoon papers too! Great lo's and that "mozzie" comment gave me a giggle!

    Have a great day!


  2. Stunning layout as always Sheree! I'm with you re the gyrocoptor- eeeek!!! Boys really never grow up do they lol?

  3. Eek I agree about the gyro!!

    LOVE the layouts again - just beautiful :)

  4. arent we just loving those oct aft papers, I am with you. Well you know my deal on gyrocopters. these adrenaline husbands, just the size & price changes as they get older!!! Love the LO's & Riley is soo cute!! we will both only have 1 next year how will that be, might be able to scrap up a storm LOL!!! Don't know how lucia will go with school.....hope she is as excited as Riley. chat soon me xx

  5. Love the layouts Sheree and yes I am too loving the October Afternoon products....yummmm

    Glad to Riley is excited out his new kinder....Kinder is always very exciting, they always have the best stuff to play with.

    OMG the gyrocopter!!! Oh well boys and their toys.....LOL

    Have a great weekend and chat soon
    Cherie xx

  6. Gyro! Cool! I can understand your fear tho. I trust that he will be very careful!

    I love those Oct AFternoon papers. Just gorgeous layouts!

  7. hi sheree, i LOVE both those lo's so much. it is a great design! hope you are having a happy weekend!

  8. Great layouts Sheree - fantastic photos!

    Have a great week and hope your pilot boy got home ok.

    Rachie xx

  9. Loving those layouts Sheree they are just stunning.

    Kindy is such messy year but lots of fun too, glad Riley is looking forward to it.

    I'm with you and the other girls on the gyrocopter...Yikes!!!!!

    Take care

    leeanne x

  10. OH Wow, Sheree - more beautiful work and with my fav - OA!! Yum.... great to hear all your news - and I hope you have a very lovely weekend:)))


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