Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday Class and a quick update...

Since the Sunbird Scrapbooking website is still under construction, I just wanted to let you know I'll be running a Scrap-a-Sketch class there this Saturday 2 August from 11am - 1pm. It's the first time we've had this class on a weekend so those of you who usually can't make it during the week, I'd love to see you there! Just call the store on (07) 5520 5598 to book your spot and they'll give you the photo requirements for the class. You can bring your own paper and embellishments from home or we'll help you choose some before the class begins (just come on in 15 mins prior). There are other classes scheduled throughout August too... call the store for more details.

Now for a quick update on what we've been up to at our place...

Ayden had his very first play date on Saturday. (He wouldn't let me leave the school on Friday afternoon until I'd asked Brock's Mum if Brock could come and play on the weekend.) The kids had such a fun time together and it was great to have some adult conversation! (Paul was off down at Evans Head at a gyrocopter thingy.) I can't believe it's only the first time that Ayden's had a friend over?! We'll be doing it again soon I'm sure.

Mum & Dad came to visit on Sunday. We hadn't seen them in AGES and it was great to catch up. The kids LOVED it! The day always seems to go by so quickly and before we knew it they were heading off home again.

Monday was spent cleaning up the house ready for our house inspection today. (Those things seem to come around so fast!) I love that the house is so neat and tidy but I'm sure it won't last long with my 3 running around... Madi is the biggest mess maker in the bunch!

I'll leave you with a layout I finished off last night. I've scapped this photo of Madi before but it really is one of my FAVE'S!!! Love those gorgeous eyes and that gummy grin...

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sheree xx


  1. that is divine!!! She is sooo cute. I have decided I think I will stop scrapping & you can do all my photos LOL. See you soon.

  2. That is SUCH a cute photo. And I love pink and yellow!

  3. How fresh and pretty is that yellow and pink colour combo? Just gorgeous! and the photo of Madi is beautiful.

    Leeanne x

  4. Oh if you lived nearer I'd love to do one of your classes!
    That layout is gorge - and yes that photo is seriously cute. I can understand why you'd want to scrap it again!

  5. Oh I wish I lived closer and I would be there for sure..

    LOVE the layout...Madi is such a cutie..

    Chat soon
    Cherie xx

  6. Now, WOW - Sheree!!!
    ADORABLE and gorgeous...
    So lovely to stop on by and catch up...
    You know I LOVE everything you create - so fresh and fab!!!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!!

  7. Hi, oh i've been having trouble like Jo. But finally figured it out obvious next time i will try without the glass of wine or 2 on board..... Yep i'm coming on wednesay and can't wait. i haven't done any scrap pages as had a Japanese teacher staying and I was his slave so no time. He left yesterday so today out it came and away i went. see u wednesday love Kate


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