Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shopping, Scrapping & Hermit Crabs...

I was one of those crazy people battling the crowds with my trolley at the Target Toy Sale this morning! Ordinarily I wouldn't bother going on the first day but it worked out that Paul was home and there was one thing in particular I really wanted to grab for Riley (at half price!). It actually wasn't as bad as I thought... I had visions of bumper to bumper trolleys, crazy women snatching things off shelves in a wild buying frenzy and an hour long wait at the lay-by counter... but much to my surprise they had it all very organised with fast track lay-by and I wizzed on through! I was pretty happy I was able to grab everything I was after too... and the fact that it's on lay-by until Christmas is awesome! So now I'm feeling great knowing that my Chrissie shopping is well and truly underway... way ahead of schedule too!

Anyway... just thought I'd do a quick update on our happenings over this past week...

I went to a scrapping get-together at Leanne's last Friday night. Val and Melanie came along too and it was such a fun night full of laughter and chatting... although not much scrapping on my part! My mojo had flown the coop for the night. I'm happy to say though that I've scrapped a couple of layouts since but can't share them just yet... sorry! There is this layout though that I haven't put up on my blog before... not sure how I missed it?
LOVE this photo!!! It really does melt my heart to see how much Ayden loves his little sister. He's such a gorgeous kid... I'm not sure if you can read them but the letter stickers to the left of the photo say "It's written all over his face how much...". (I haven't worked out yet why you can't click on the picture of my layouts to make them bigger... does anyone have any advice on how I can do it?)
I do have a layout in the current issue of Scrapbooking Memories (Vol10 No4) but I can't post it here for a couple of rules apparently! If you'd like to see it though it's called "Daydreamers" on page 103.

Paul's Mum is in hospital in Sydney at the moment. When she saw the specialist he decided to put her straight in and they've been doing heaps of tests so hopefully they'll be able to get the answers she needs and have her all better again in no time. We feel like she's getting the attention she needs now which certainly makes Paul feel a little more at ease. We're hoping it doesn't take too long as she's soooo sick of being in hosptial!! Poor thing...
The kids loved having the hermit crabs here last weekend. Riley was fascinated by them and got so excited if one of them moved or appeared out from under their shell! Of course we had to take some photos... here's one of Spotty enjoying a drink from the sponge...
The rest of our week has been pretty boring really! School runs, work, housework, shopping... the usual stuff. Wish I had something more exciting to share! I guess that's it for now... just gotta get the kids to bed so I can get some scrapping done and watch the Amazing Race tonight. (Oh yeah... How good was SYTYCD last night?!!!! I'm hanging out for 7.30pm tomorrow for more!! Love it!)

Take care!
Sheree xx


  1. Aw how gorgeous is that photo and the layout. And the title. And the journalling. Just gorgeous. :)

    Oh yeah I loved SYTYCD last night!

  2. Oh that photo is just the CUTEST and the layout you have made with it is just gorgeous...

    As I live more than 1 hour away from the nearest Target store I too have never been to a toy sale there but I think by the sounds of it your store must be quite tame as I have heard some thing about wild women, trolley races and some stuff being sold out in 10 mins!!!
    I will most likely think about my xmas shopping when it get to 1st Dec!!!

    Love the hermit crabs...

    Will email you back soon
    have a lovely weekend
    Cherie xx

  3. You are such a BRAVE woman, those women get scary at those sales. I have done it 3 years in a row, but decided not to this year, might head down during the week if there is anything left. By the way how good was SYTYCD last night, it totally cracks me up!! Love the LO but then I love all your scrapping....if I didn't love creating so much I would just scraplift all yours!!! LOL...Mexx

  4. Sheree you layout is stunning. i love the blue and brown combo, it's one of my favs.

    I have only ever done the Target Toy Sale once. I unfortunately didn't have quite the experience you did. Needless to say I've never been to one again.

    Have a great week



  5. Beautiful layout Sheree...that photo is amazing.
    How wonderful to have your Christmas shopping started...what a great feeling...
    mardi x

  6. beautiful beautiful layout sheree and such a sweet pic to treasure. I love the splash of chocolate with the blue. stunning!


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