Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday Class and a quick update...

Since the Sunbird Scrapbooking website is still under construction, I just wanted to let you know I'll be running a Scrap-a-Sketch class there this Saturday 2 August from 11am - 1pm. It's the first time we've had this class on a weekend so those of you who usually can't make it during the week, I'd love to see you there! Just call the store on (07) 5520 5598 to book your spot and they'll give you the photo requirements for the class. You can bring your own paper and embellishments from home or we'll help you choose some before the class begins (just come on in 15 mins prior). There are other classes scheduled throughout August too... call the store for more details.

Now for a quick update on what we've been up to at our place...

Ayden had his very first play date on Saturday. (He wouldn't let me leave the school on Friday afternoon until I'd asked Brock's Mum if Brock could come and play on the weekend.) The kids had such a fun time together and it was great to have some adult conversation! (Paul was off down at Evans Head at a gyrocopter thingy.) I can't believe it's only the first time that Ayden's had a friend over?! We'll be doing it again soon I'm sure.

Mum & Dad came to visit on Sunday. We hadn't seen them in AGES and it was great to catch up. The kids LOVED it! The day always seems to go by so quickly and before we knew it they were heading off home again.

Monday was spent cleaning up the house ready for our house inspection today. (Those things seem to come around so fast!) I love that the house is so neat and tidy but I'm sure it won't last long with my 3 running around... Madi is the biggest mess maker in the bunch!

I'll leave you with a layout I finished off last night. I've scapped this photo of Madi before but it really is one of my FAVE'S!!! Love those gorgeous eyes and that gummy grin...

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sheree xx

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shopping, Scrapping & Hermit Crabs...

I was one of those crazy people battling the crowds with my trolley at the Target Toy Sale this morning! Ordinarily I wouldn't bother going on the first day but it worked out that Paul was home and there was one thing in particular I really wanted to grab for Riley (at half price!). It actually wasn't as bad as I thought... I had visions of bumper to bumper trolleys, crazy women snatching things off shelves in a wild buying frenzy and an hour long wait at the lay-by counter... but much to my surprise they had it all very organised with fast track lay-by and I wizzed on through! I was pretty happy I was able to grab everything I was after too... and the fact that it's on lay-by until Christmas is awesome! So now I'm feeling great knowing that my Chrissie shopping is well and truly underway... way ahead of schedule too!

Anyway... just thought I'd do a quick update on our happenings over this past week...

I went to a scrapping get-together at Leanne's last Friday night. Val and Melanie came along too and it was such a fun night full of laughter and chatting... although not much scrapping on my part! My mojo had flown the coop for the night. I'm happy to say though that I've scrapped a couple of layouts since but can't share them just yet... sorry! There is this layout though that I haven't put up on my blog before... not sure how I missed it?
LOVE this photo!!! It really does melt my heart to see how much Ayden loves his little sister. He's such a gorgeous kid... I'm not sure if you can read them but the letter stickers to the left of the photo say "It's written all over his face how much...". (I haven't worked out yet why you can't click on the picture of my layouts to make them bigger... does anyone have any advice on how I can do it?)
I do have a layout in the current issue of Scrapbooking Memories (Vol10 No4) but I can't post it here for a couple of months...new rules apparently! If you'd like to see it though it's called "Daydreamers" on page 103.

Paul's Mum is in hospital in Sydney at the moment. When she saw the specialist he decided to put her straight in and they've been doing heaps of tests so hopefully they'll be able to get the answers she needs and have her all better again in no time. We feel like she's getting the attention she needs now which certainly makes Paul feel a little more at ease. We're hoping it doesn't take too long as she's soooo sick of being in hosptial!! Poor thing...
The kids loved having the hermit crabs here last weekend. Riley was fascinated by them and got so excited if one of them moved or appeared out from under their shell! Of course we had to take some photos... here's one of Spotty enjoying a drink from the sponge...
The rest of our week has been pretty boring really! School runs, work, housework, shopping... the usual stuff. Wish I had something more exciting to share! I guess that's it for now... just gotta get the kids to bed so I can get some scrapping done and watch the Amazing Race tonight. (Oh yeah... How good was SYTYCD last night?!!!! I'm hanging out for 7.30pm tomorrow for more!! Love it!)

Take care!
Sheree xx

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Ok, I know it's a silly title for a blog post but sometimes it's just too hard to think of something new!

Anyway.... the Tooth Fairy came to Ayden on Sunday night! I was awoken way too early on Monday morning by an extremely excited little boy holding 2 gold coins in the palm of his hand. Obviously the Tooth Fairy thought he deserved 2 gold coins for his very first lost tooth! She had also left glittery fairy dust under his pillow (which he though was pretty awesome! lol!) He's also loving being back at school this week. I just love the fact that he loves school so much! (The first morning back all I heard him say to everyone wasn't 'hi' ...but 'hey look I lost my tooth!') It looks like this weekend we'll be babysitting the classroom hermit crabs. The boys will love that I'm sure.

Just finished this layout tonight... (I used one of your journalling spots on this one Yvette...thankyou!)

These next layouts are both are from my Scrap-a-Sketch class on Wednesday. (Thanks again to you lovely ladies that came along... and don't forget to bring your layouts with you next time so I can see them all finished!)

Here's the first one. I took these photos of the boys down at Tugun Beach. They so love being at the beach! They paddle, run and play along the water's edge for hours!

Oops!! Just realised that I didn't scan the other layout before I took it in to the shop.... I'll have to share that one next week when I bring it home again... sorry!

Paul's Mum is home from hospital and waiting on a specialist appointment in Sydney now. She is feeling a little better but the problem is still lingering on so hopefully the Sydney doctor will be able to give her some answers. At least in the meantime she gets to rest in the comfort of her own home. Thank you so much for all your well wishes! I'll be sure to pass them on to her.

So who else watched 'So You Think You Can Dance' last night? Wasn't it great? There were some amazing dancers there (and a few not so good ones too...LOL). I can't wait for next week's episode!! I'm watching 'The Amazing Race' tonight... love that too... OK I might be a little addicted to reality TV at the moment...

I'm hoping to get some scrapping done over the next few days so hopefully I'll have more to share shortly! Hope you've all got something great planned for the weekend!! (I'll be here looking after the hermit crabs...)

Take care!

Sheree xx

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lost tooth, scrapping and tags...

(Warning... extremely long post ahead!! You'll be needing a cuppa for this one!!)

Just look at this toothless grin!! Ayden's tooth fell out at the dinner table tonight (yes it was a little bit gross...) but he is sooo proud of himself and is so excited that the Tooth Fairy will be coming tonight! lol Boy am I glad that I had the sudden urge to make him a little Tooth Fairy pouch last night... must have known something! It's just a simple little design made from felt but I thought it'd be nice for him to have something to put under his pillow... Ayden requested blue, green & red as the colours and it was so quick to make... here's a couple of pics showing the front and back views...

I attempted a clean-up of my scraproom today although I didn't get far since Madi woke up early. (Madi and scraprooms just don't mix!) Anyway I unpacked a bag of goodies I got just before I went away (haven't had the chance until today). Sandra took Leanne and I up to Printblocks and it happened to be the day they were unpacking all the yummy new chatterbox stuff. We were like kids in a candy store! Their new lines are so gorgeous... I want it all!!! Here's a few things we brought home.... can't really decide which bits are my favourites...can't wait to have a play with these...
While I was away I was blown away to find that the amazing Melissa Goodsell nominated my blog for the Arte Y Pico Award! Wow thank you so very much Melissa!!! (And if you've never visited Melissa's blog make sure you do! She amazes me with her creativity and her blog is LOADED with inspiration... and not just for scrapbooking but for a whole range of crafts!)
The Arte Y Pico is awarded to blogs that you consider deserving due to their creativity, design, interesting material and for their contributions to the blogging community. If you receive the Arte Y Pico you in turn bestow it on five blogs.

So now I'd really like to bestow the award on to these fabulous ladies... (I visit their blogs all the time. They inspire me and they're all such beautiful people too!)

http://belindasescape.blogspot.com/ I just love Belinda's style! Her work always looks fabulous and she's always got heaps of inspiration on her blog. She really is the queen of simple scrapping!!

http://mardiwinen.blogspot.com/ What can I say? This girl is just incredible! I'm sure you've already visited her blog at some stage... and if you haven't... why not?

http://helenkaranfilovski.blogspot.com/ You've just got to see Helen's work... and if you have I'm sure you're already a fan! I love her funky, fresh vintage style!

http://thejanellewindcollection.typepad.com/the_janelle_wind_collecti/ Her stitching is absolutely stunning. You really should visit her blog to see just what I'm talking about!! Love her scrapping too!

http://www.yvetteadams.blogspot.com/ Yvette's layouts are always so beautiful. I just love the way she puts her pages together.

Arte Y Pico Rules:
1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.
2. Each awardee has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4. Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “Arte y Pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award: http://arteypico.blogspot.com/
5. Display these rules.

Also both Cherie and Lea tagged me with this: Thank you so much girls!!

Who gets the “Brilliante Weblog Award“? Websites and blogs of your choice for their designs that are especially noteworthy.

Here are the Award Rules:

1. The winner can take the logo

2. Place a link to the person that send you the award

3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy

4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.

5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award

So of course I'd give this to the 5 blogs I've already listed for the previous award... plus I'd also love to pass it on to:

http://welaughwelove.blogspot.com/ Leanne's scrapping is gorgeous! You'll find lots of inspiration on her blog!

http://www.melissagoodsell.typepad.com/ Seriously if anyone deserves this award it's Melissa! I'll be extremely surprised if noone's passed this on to her already... Her blog is jam-packed with so much inspiration for so many different crafts from scrapbooking, to recipes, to kids craft... and she has heaps of links to loads more!! She's always coming up with new ideas.

And finally I got this tag from Yvette...

1. Ten years ago... Paul & I weren't married yet but were living on Hamilton Island and loving it! I was working at the Medical Centre as a receptionist and Paul flew helipcopters for one of the companies there.

2. 5 things on my to-do list:
  • Catch up on scrapping commitments
  • E-mail some friends I haven't 'chatted' with in a while
  • Get some more photos printed
  • Make sure everything's organised for school on Tuesday
  • Clean up my scraproom!

3. Snacks I enjoy.... well that's easy.... chocolate is at the top of the list! I also love cake, chips... I could go on and it's all unhealthy of course! On the healthier side I do love a yummy fruit salad now and again and I love bananas!

4. If I were a millionaire... The first thing I'd do is buy us a house and new cars... and I'd make sure both of our families had no mortgages to worry about as well. Wouldn't that be fantastic? A big holiday would have to be on the list too...

5. Places I've lived...

  • Amberley (Qld)
  • Sale (Vic)
  • Victoria River Downs (NT)
  • Hamilton Island (Qld)
  • Springfield (Qld)
  • Sydney
  • Gold Coast

I tag anyone who'd like to carry it on. This one doesn't take long!

I've only got one layout to share with you at the moment. It's one I did a little while ago for a sketch class. Love these pics of Madi... she pulls the funniest faces sometimes!

That's it!! I'm exhausted... how about you?!!! This post has taken me forever to do but now I'm finally caught up on all my tags! YAY!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week... and don't forget the US version of So You Think You Can Dance starts this week...Wednesday night I think?!!! I'll be glued to my TV for sure!! I just can't get enough of that show....

Sheree xx

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Goodbye to Sandra & The Scrapyard...

It's official... The Scrapyard is no more!! After more than 6 years The Scrapyard closed it's doors for the very last time today...

It was such a huge decision for Sandra to sell the store, but she will now have so much more time with her gorgeous boys. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Sandra, Val and Leanne there... in fact I think it's been the most enjoyable, fun job I've ever had! (Thank you so much for everything Sandra...we're really going to miss you!!)

It's not all sad news though! As of Monday there will be a new scrapbooking store where The Scrapyard used to be, called Sunbird Scrapbooking. The new owner, Gaewyn Pennell, has some great things planned for the store so make sure you pop on in and say hello!

I'll be back again soon with those tags I mentioned in my last post, a layout and a tooth fairy pouch! Enjoy your Sunday!

Sheree xx

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our trip away...

Well...we're finally unpacked, washing done and ironed, housework done, pantry restocked...everything back to normal again! We had a lovely time away but it's so nice to be home in our own beds...and the kids are having a ball rediscovering all their toys and things... You'd think we've been away for months!

This holiday was our annual trip down to visit Paul's Nan & Pop in Sydney and his Mum & Dad in Mallacoota. As it turned out we never actually made it all the way to Mallacoota this year because Paul's Mum was taken to Bega hospital just before we left home. (She's still there but starting to feel a little better now.) So we spent a few days in Sydney, then headed down for three days in Bega so we could visit the hospital, drove up to Thredbo so the kids could see the snow for the first time, went back to Sydney, then drove home to the Gold Coast. We've covered a lot of kilometres in the past couple of weeks!

I thought I'd share a few photos.... some of my favourites anyway. I can't believe how many pics we took on this trip!! So easy to do with digital cameras these days...

The first night we arrived in Sydney we all went out to dinner at the local RSL. There was a whole bunch of us there in the end... Paul's Nan & Pop, his Aunty Ann & cousin Shelley, Paul's brother Kevin (who we haven't seen in a long time) and all of us. So nice to catch up with everyone! (Unfortunately we didn't get any nice group pics... I'm blaming the long day of travel for that one...)

Whenever we visit Paul's Nan & Pop we always take the kids for a walk to Oatley Park for a play. Paul loves taking them there as he used to play there as a little boy! It's changed a bit since then, but there's still a big green steam roller that he used to climb on with his brothers. It's such a beautiful park... and so peaceful!

One morning Paul and the boys got up nice and early and went fishing. Ayden had mentioned it out of the blue the day before so Paul jumped at the chance to take them! (He's been talking about taking them fishing for AGES!! Must be a boy thing...lol) They didn't catch anything but they had lots of fun doing it!(Riley was able to go right up to the kookaburra! He thought it was amazing!)

I did visit one scrapbooking store at Bexley while we were there.... can't remember the name now... but I did buy a couple of things.... Then on the way down to Bega we stopped in at this store at Nowra. I just had to share a photo of it... it has to be one of the most charming scrapbooking stores I've been in! Such a beautiful setting...

It's the Jindyandy Mill Scrapbooking Superstore and it's located in this lovely old building (the Jindyandy Grain Mill convict built in 1830 so the sign says). I'm kicking myself for not taking any photos inside but it was so nice with wooden floors and staircase.... they had a wood fire burning (although it was still freezing). They had lots of nice things in stock too... although I didn't buy anything in the end (can't believe that!). Anyway if you're ever in the area you should check it out.

Then it was on to Bega. I've never actually stopped there before... we're usually just travelling on through to Mallacoota (VIC). The first thing we did (of course) was see Paul's Mum in hospital. It was so lovely to see her and she hadn't seen the kids in ages. We saw her a couple of times a day while we were there. (Unfortunately we couldn't get any photos of her with the kids this time around.) Paul's Dad came up to see us (and his Mum) which was great. When we weren't at the hospital we wandered the main street exploring the shops... I spent one freezing cold morning at the local laundrette (it really was soooo cold waiting for the washing) and we also visited the Bega Cheese Factory. (We couldn't find much else to do!! LOL!) We did some cheese tasting (of course) and browsed around a bit. Here's a few pics...
None of our kids had ever been to the snow so it was always part of our itinerary this time to take them. We were originally going to do a day trip with Paul's parents but obviously they couldn't go with us which was disappointing for them and for us. Anyway, when we left Bega we drove on up to Thredbo. It cost us $27 just to drive in there to the National Park (didn't know that beforehand). It was soooo cold, but we rugged up pretty well and had such a fun time! Paul and the boys threw so many snowballs at each other and they attempted to build a snowman but the boys lost interest in that pretty quickly and went back to throwing snowballs again! Madi was really funny... wouldn't keep her gloves on for anything but everytime she fell over she'd cry because her hands went straight into the snow... otherwise she quite enjoyed watching Daddy and the boys playing.
(My Mum & Dad honeymooned at Thredbo 38 years ago and asked me to look for the lodge they stayed in. However of course the place has changed A LOT since then and we didn't see it. Would've been kind of cool though...)

We had lunch and then drove back to Sydney. We thought about stopping overnight in Canberra to see a few things there but decided to leave that for another trip.
We spend a couple more days with Paul's grandparents (they're such sweethearts). Paul's cousin Shelley happens to work at Luna Park and offered us tickets so to finish off our trip we jumped on the train and headed on in to the city. Just the train ride itself was a hit with the kids - especially Riley, him being such a train fanatic! (It's hard to believe that Paul and I had never been to Luna Park with all the time we've spent in Sydney over the years!) Shelley met us at the gate and spent some time with us which was great. The kids had an awesome time on the rides!

On our last night in Sydney we all went out for dinner again with the family. We just love spending time with everyone down there but it always seems to fly by so fast. We actually remembered to get a group photo this time (although only just... and even then Paul's missing because he was taking the pic!).
The trip home went pretty well. We ended up doing the whole drive in one looooong day. The kids were great (thank goodness for in-car dvd players!), although Madi was pretty much over it by the time we reached Coffs Harbour. We were all so relieved to get home (and we won't be going to Maccas again for a while... so sick of takeaway!)
So that was our holiday! It's turned into a mammoth post but I wanted to get it all down. If you're still reading I'm really impressed!! (And thankyou for hanging in there! LOL!)
I was tagged by a few lovely ladies while I was away so I'll be back with those shortly. In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend!!! Stay warm!!
Sheree xx

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm still here!!!

Hi everyone!! Sorry I haven't been around for a while... we've been on holidays down south! I've got so much to catch up on and heaps to blog about... but not tonight. It's been a loooooong day of travel today from Sydney with the three kids in the car... let's just say we're all happy to be home and in our own beds tonight! I'll be back shortly to tell you all about it!

Sheree xx