Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wobbly tooth...

Yep! Ayden's got his first wobbly tooth! He's just so excited and can't wait for it to fall out so the tooth fairy will come and leave him some money! So what does the tooth fairy pay these days? LOL! Has there been any inflation since I was a kid?

I'll be back tomorrow or Friday with another post with some scrapping.... just wanted to get this on my blog while I was thinking about it... I kept forgetting!

Have a great evening!
Sheree xx


  1. Hi Sheree,

    Good News - Bad News

    Bad News first - Yes like everything, sadly inflation has hit the toothfairy. :(Now she expects a gold coin. $1 for small teeth and $2 for a molar. Thats how it worked at our house anyway (lol) some tooth fairies apparently charge more.
    Good News - Well the Good news really only relates to the kiddies, cause they get more money (hehe)

    Losing you first tooth is a very big deal and very exciting. I'm sure we will be seeing a LO on the subject shortly.


    Leeanne x

  2. How exciting- the Tooth Fairy leaves $2 in our house!!

  3. Mmm...well, I haven't had to 'deal with' the tooth fairy yet. So I can't help you on the money side of things. :D
    Madelin is quite worried about loosing teeth. Scared that they will never grow back I should mention to her that money is involved - may change her


  4. I hope his teeth aren't the same as my daughters. When she gets a wobbly tooth it stays wobbly for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. It can be a very long process for some kids.

    I think the toothfairy pays at least $1 per tooth these days. I clearly remember back in my childhood only getting about 20 cents so times have changed a lot.

    I love those photos of Maddy with her hair up. She is growing up sooooo fast and looking cutier in every new photo.

    Bye for now from Susan (smiles1965) xxoo


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