Friday, June 27, 2008

Start of school holidays and some scrapping...

It's that time again... the start of the school holidays and Ayden's all excited about it. He's had a great week at school with things like a sandwich smorgasboard (they all brought ingredients from home and made their own special lunches in class), the end of term disco (the theme was Winter Wonderland and they all wore their winter woollies and had such a fun time) and today was crazy hair day.... Ayden ended up with a spikey do this time - it was all we could do with his hair being so short.... plus we didn't have any coloured hairspray.... must get some before the end of next term so we're all prepared! We also attended their assembly this morning as Ayden's class sang a song in front of all the other kids. They were so cute... So anyway, now he's looking forward to being home, playing with Riley & Madi, going to the movies, etc... and Paul's got some time off too which is great! I'm looking forward to us all spending some time together and getting out and about...

I've got a few more layouts to share (as promised)! The first couple are from a class I ran at The Scrapyard last week...(I love the Sassafras Robotics papers!)

These two are from my Scrap-a-Sketch class on Wednesday.

Check out the second photo on this layout... it's one of my fave's with both Paul and Madi poking their tongues out! Very cute...Madi was only about 4 1/2 months in these pics. (I'm loving those October Afternoon papers at the moment too!)

And the last one here was very quick and easy... with my two little guys doing their 'tough' posing for the camera...(sorry, some of the right hand side has been cut off by the scan but you get the idea...)

By the way, thanks ladies for the advice on the latest tooth fairy rates! LOL! Looks like a gold coin is the way to go! That tooth is still hanging in their at this stage... I wonder how long it'll be before it actually falls out?

Well I think that's about it from me tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend! And for those of you with kids starting school holidays, have fun! Hope you've got something fantastic planned!
Sheree xx


  1. Sometimes the teeth seem to hang on forever and other times they fall out as soon as you realise they are wobbly - it always seems to be different every time one of my two lose a tooth. The tooth fairy here does the gold coin thing too :)
    I love your layouts, so much. I know I always say that lol ... but they are just so vibrant, fun and cool.

  2. Wow!!! You've certainly been busy, love all your layouts... The photo with the the two of them poking their tongues out is a lot fun.

    Have a great weekend.


    Leeanne x

  3. Hi Sheree,

    Love all the layouts...they are all just gorgeous...made me smile looking at the Mess Maker layout, reminds me of my house when Jasper has out all his Thomas's and cars...

    Enjoy your holidays

    Chat soon
    Cherie xx

  4. I love seeing so many gorgeous layouts! LOL at the tongue out photo!

  5. hey girl, tried to email you to try & catch you b4 you left for hols but it did't work.
    Great lo's love exciting first tooth....have great hols cause I think i missed you.
    take care Mxx

  6. LOL - that tongue photo is a classic!!!
    And WOWEE, so many GORGEOUS LO's to look over.... TFS them all Sheree!!! And I LOVE those SL papers....Helenxx

  7. hi sheree! ive tagged you on my blog. no pressure but you see why i love your work so much by visiting my blog! happy week. Leax


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