Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scrapping and Pigtails.....

What's been going on at our place over the past week? Well, to tell the truth not a lot! I know... pretty boring huh... but I have been scrapping so at least I can share a few layouts with you!

I just love this cheeky little face! (It's amazing how much Madi has grown up since these pics were taken back in January...)
One of Madi and I... I've had these photos sitting around on my desk for months!
(Sorry! This layout has been
requested for publication...
Look out for it in an upcoming issue of
Scrapbooking Memories!)
And I've been really slack and only just scrapped photos from Father's Day last year. (We actually all had such a great day! My whole family got together for a picnic up at Mount Tamborine. It was so relaxed, the weather was gorgeous and the kids had a ball exploring! Somehow I managed to dodge the camera that day though because there wasn't one pic of me there!)
(Here's a pic of the tab from up in the top right hand corner since it got cut off the scan...)
One of Riley's fave things to do is play on the computer... In fact at 9am on the dot every day that's where you'll find him! At only 3 1/2 years old I'm amazed at how well he can navigate around the computer when he can't even read!? (I'm still deciding on whether I like this layout or not... it's a bit full on and didn't quite turn out how I'd pictured it...

And finally, here are a couple of pages I did for The Scrapyard...

Madi in her cute little tutu that Mum gave her for Christmas...

And the boys feeding the ducks around the corner from our place...

(Sorry... this layout has been removed for publication.

Look out for it in upcoming

issue 62 of Scrapbook Creations!)

Has anyone else been lucky enough to pick up one of these yet?

Woohoo!! Thanks to the heads-up from Leanne and Sandra (thankyou so much girls!!) I'm having a ball playing with my new Fiskars Threading Water Punch!!! (I ordered mine from Scrapbook 'n' Bits.) Apparently they're as rare as hens teeth...very hard to find one anywhere at the moment so I think I was very lucky to get my hands on one so quickly. No more fiddling around hand cutting those little scallops... yay!

Before I go I just had to share these pics of Madi with her first real pigtails! I can now finally get all her hair up into pigtails and she looks so cute!

So that's it from me today... Thanks so much for dropping by!!

Sheree xx


  1. Oh my gosh, there is so much to comment on!!!

    I LOVE ALL the layouts...I love the "love you" one with the photos of you and Madi...super cute photos...
    The one of Riley on the computer is fantastic...I would not change a thing...

    Oh my you lucky girl with your fiskers punch....i SO WANT ONE OF THOSE NOW!!!

    Pigtails...too cute for words...

    Take care and have a great week,
    Cherie xx

  2. Wowsers Sheree...where do I start! Every single one of your layouts made me "oohhh and ahhhh" hehe. They are all so amazing!

    I love Madi's 'real' pigytails. I'm sure that you'll have a ball doing her hair each day. I know I love doing Madelin's hair in lot's of different ways.

    Gotta love that punch! Just call me the green eyed monster... ;)

    Thanks for the inspiration - you've made me want to scrap instead of ironing! lol


  3. ohh sheree thank you for sharing all your beautiful layouts, all fantastic and different. i LOVE the one of you and madi too. i can never take those self portraits those. my face always looks weird-maybe my arms arent long enough-that's my story anyway. have a great week you clever thing!

  4. Oh Bloglines has only JUST told me about your last three updates! What a plethora of gorgeous colourful layouts! Wonderful!

    Love Madi's cute cute cute little piggies! I love piggies. Still do Tassy's hair in piggies even tho her hair is soooo long now. But short sticky uppy piggies are the cutest!

    I have preordered one of those punches and I just can't WAIT to get it!!!

  5. Hey sheree thanks for the comment, lOooove the page LO's gorgeous!!!
    Yes I have preordered the punch too after Val told me today, you cheeky girls will have to let me in on some stuff......geez.
    thanks for keeping in touch, I cannot believe how many beautiful LO's you do, I seem to be so swamped at the moment & so want to do more scrapping, have done some but haven't had time to upload.....HO HUM. Hope to chat soon.

  6. oooh I love the little piggy-tails. I remember when my Bella's hair was just long enough to put up in piggy tails.
    The layouts are divine...I can't even pick a favourite - they are all so gorgeous,

  7. Oh WOW, what a feast for the eyes Sheree - your scrapping is just DIVINE!!!!! I am off to have another look!!!!
    Thanks for sharing them all with us - we are very lucky indeed!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. wow - so glad you visited my blog so I could take a peak at yours - you scrap beautifully and your children are just adorable! Thanks for your kind comments.

  9. for visitng my blog Sheree :0)
    and OMG is the SM out!!! I have been sooooooo hanging out for it...eeeekkk!!!
    Yippee :0) Thanks for the heads up ;)
    Will stalk the newsagents tomorrow now ;)

  10. Oh sorry got excited and hit post :)
    Your LO's look absolutely goreous Sheree :) Love the bright funky colours and your DD is such a cutie in her piggies :0)

  11. Wow:))))

    You certainly have been busy. Your layouts are all gorgeous,love all the small detail. I can't pick a Fav.

    How cute are those pig tails, Madi is such a cutie.

    Now I just need to find one of those punches all will be well with the world (lol).




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