Friday, June 27, 2008

Start of school holidays and some scrapping...

It's that time again... the start of the school holidays and Ayden's all excited about it. He's had a great week at school with things like a sandwich smorgasboard (they all brought ingredients from home and made their own special lunches in class), the end of term disco (the theme was Winter Wonderland and they all wore their winter woollies and had such a fun time) and today was crazy hair day.... Ayden ended up with a spikey do this time - it was all we could do with his hair being so short.... plus we didn't have any coloured hairspray.... must get some before the end of next term so we're all prepared! We also attended their assembly this morning as Ayden's class sang a song in front of all the other kids. They were so cute... So anyway, now he's looking forward to being home, playing with Riley & Madi, going to the movies, etc... and Paul's got some time off too which is great! I'm looking forward to us all spending some time together and getting out and about...

I've got a few more layouts to share (as promised)! The first couple are from a class I ran at The Scrapyard last week...(I love the Sassafras Robotics papers!)

These two are from my Scrap-a-Sketch class on Wednesday.

Check out the second photo on this layout... it's one of my fave's with both Paul and Madi poking their tongues out! Very cute...Madi was only about 4 1/2 months in these pics. (I'm loving those October Afternoon papers at the moment too!)

And the last one here was very quick and easy... with my two little guys doing their 'tough' posing for the camera...(sorry, some of the right hand side has been cut off by the scan but you get the idea...)

By the way, thanks ladies for the advice on the latest tooth fairy rates! LOL! Looks like a gold coin is the way to go! That tooth is still hanging in their at this stage... I wonder how long it'll be before it actually falls out?

Well I think that's about it from me tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend! And for those of you with kids starting school holidays, have fun! Hope you've got something fantastic planned!
Sheree xx

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wobbly tooth...

Yep! Ayden's got his first wobbly tooth! He's just so excited and can't wait for it to fall out so the tooth fairy will come and leave him some money! So what does the tooth fairy pay these days? LOL! Has there been any inflation since I was a kid?

I'll be back tomorrow or Friday with another post with some scrapping.... just wanted to get this on my blog while I was thinking about it... I kept forgetting!

Have a great evening!
Sheree xx

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scrapping and Pigtails.....

What's been going on at our place over the past week? Well, to tell the truth not a lot! I know... pretty boring huh... but I have been scrapping so at least I can share a few layouts with you!

I just love this cheeky little face! (It's amazing how much Madi has grown up since these pics were taken back in January...)
One of Madi and I... I've had these photos sitting around on my desk for months!
(Sorry! This layout has been
requested for publication...
Look out for it in an upcoming issue of
Scrapbooking Memories!)
And I've been really slack and only just scrapped photos from Father's Day last year. (We actually all had such a great day! My whole family got together for a picnic up at Mount Tamborine. It was so relaxed, the weather was gorgeous and the kids had a ball exploring! Somehow I managed to dodge the camera that day though because there wasn't one pic of me there!)
(Here's a pic of the tab from up in the top right hand corner since it got cut off the scan...)
One of Riley's fave things to do is play on the computer... In fact at 9am on the dot every day that's where you'll find him! At only 3 1/2 years old I'm amazed at how well he can navigate around the computer when he can't even read!? (I'm still deciding on whether I like this layout or not... it's a bit full on and didn't quite turn out how I'd pictured it...

And finally, here are a couple of pages I did for The Scrapyard...

Madi in her cute little tutu that Mum gave her for Christmas...

And the boys feeding the ducks around the corner from our place...

(Sorry... this layout has been removed for publication.

Look out for it in upcoming

issue 62 of Scrapbook Creations!)

Has anyone else been lucky enough to pick up one of these yet?

Woohoo!! Thanks to the heads-up from Leanne and Sandra (thankyou so much girls!!) I'm having a ball playing with my new Fiskars Threading Water Punch!!! (I ordered mine from Scrapbook 'n' Bits.) Apparently they're as rare as hens teeth...very hard to find one anywhere at the moment so I think I was very lucky to get my hands on one so quickly. No more fiddling around hand cutting those little scallops... yay!

Before I go I just had to share these pics of Madi with her first real pigtails! I can now finally get all her hair up into pigtails and she looks so cute!

So that's it from me today... Thanks so much for dropping by!!

Sheree xx

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Layout and Long Weekend Update...

Thanks to my very talented friend Helen, I've just finished this fun layout tonight....

She has a step-by-step layout up on the Anna's Craft Cupboard blog if you'd like to give it a go! I just love Helen's style so it was really fun to do this page... and I gave the 8 1/2 x 11 inch size a go too... I think I'll be doing a lot more in this size now! Love it! (And yes... this is my hubby... boy does this photo make me laugh!!!! LOL!!!)

Speaking of Paul he's feeling a little sore and sorry for himself tonight. He had to get a wisdom tooth pulled today. YOWWWEEEE!! Poor thing... he's been popping his pills for the pain (actually tried to liken it to childbirth though! What the?). I had to laugh when I picked him up from the dentist and half his face wouldn't move (I know I sound mean but it did look funny!). At least he didn't dribble though like the last time he had a tooth pulled!! Ewww - that WAS really gross (and embarrassing)!

Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick long weekend update.... Mum & Dad came to stay on Saturday night, then Paul arrived home on Sunday night(YIPPEE!!) He has been away again with work for 2 weeks and it's so nice to have him home. The kids went crazy when he walked in the door! They were so excited to see him.

On Monday, Dad drove Mum & I up to Brisbane for the Scrapbook & Papercraft Convention. (Thanks Dad!) I'm glad we got there first thing because by the time we left it was getting so busy! We picked up lots of new scrapping goodies.... and we also ran into Leanne & Val. (Sorry we couldn't sit down for a cuppa girls! We felt too guilty with Dad waiting outside for us!)

On the way home we dropped into IKEA for a look since it was on the way. Mum & I had never been before... we couldn't believe how HUGE the place was! And it was packed with sooooo many people... I think half of Brisbane was there! I'll have to remind myself not to go there again on a rainy public holiday...

One more thing that happened over the weekend... I finally got in contact with an old high school friend that I haven't spoken with or seen for at least 16 or 17 years. (I can't believe it was that long ago...) I'm so excited to have found you again Jenny!! We've got sooo much catching up to do...

Well, that's about it from me tonight... Hope everyone has a great week!

Sheree xx

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Friday!

It's the most beautiful sunny day today - such a lovely way to end the week! After all the rain we've had this week it's lovely to see the sun again... and to get washing dry on the clothesline!! We were so fortunate that the rain fell in the just the right places and actually reached the dams this time...

I've scrapped a couple of layouts this week that I thought I'd share...
This one with Ayden & his Mickey using some Cosmo Cricket, Fancy Pants & Sassafras Lass papers. These photos were taken while we were feeding the ducks a while ago. (Mickey still goes almost everywhere with Ayden...)
And this one about Madi and her infectious giggles! (I've used some of the Creative Imaginations Cutie Pie Girl papers - so cute!)

I took the kids up to Mum & Dad's place last weekend. We left straight from school Friday afternoon and came home Sunday afternoon. The kids had a ball and it was great to catch up. Mum and I did plan on getting a little scrapping done although it never happened... but we did check out the new scrapbook store that's just opened up around the corner from her place. They had some nice things there - can't remember the name of the store though... Sunday morning we headed over to another store not too far away - The Shabby Scrap Shak. I love this place and I always walk away with a bag full of new goodies. So even though I didn't get any scrapping done I did manage to grab some yummy new things to play with!

I've been having lots of fun snapping away with my awesome new camera!! I've still got sooooo much to learn about it but it's fun trying to work it all out. The kids are sick of the sight of me chasing them around with camera in hand! LOL! Madi has become very good at ignoring me completely.... Anyway I just had to share a couple of fave's of the kids at Mum & Dad's last weekend...

If only Madi had flashed me a grin! Oh well - it's still a cute pic of her... She's really taken to playing with her dolls this week... wrapping them in blankets and carrying them around. I was watching her the other night. She was unwrapping her doll (for the hundredth time that day) when she actually tickled both of the dolls feet (making a funny noise at the same time), then she proceeded wrapping her baby up again. It was the funniest thing to see!!! I wish Paul had seen it... It really made me giggle...
Riley is still obsessed with Thomas (as you can see by the pic above) and spends most of his days playing with his trains. He just can't get enough of it!
Ayden has taken a liking to making things out of Lego over the past few days. He's never really been that interested before now... but I think he's now at that age when he realises he can actually make some cool things with it! He's also still drawing like crazy and not a day goes by without him getting out his paper and textas. I really love to watch him create and he's quite good at it too!
I've just realised how long this post has become!! If you're still here reading it thank you for hanging in there... and for dropping by! Hope you have an awesome weekend!
Sheree xx