Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lacking sleep...

Mum and Dad came to stay overnight last night. Usually they just come the for day so it was nice to have them here a little longer than normal... and the kids loved it! I had a shocking night's sleep though... all 3 were awake through the night! First Madi with her usual night wakening and demand for a bottle, then Ayden came in, then I had Riley sitting at the end of my bed... so weird... it was like he was sleep walking or something! He said "Mum it's on you! Look!" I asked what was on me and he was pointing at me saying "The robot's on you!" He sounded quite upset about it so I can only imagine he was dreaming. I took him back to bed but over the following hour or so he kept coming back in just standing in the doorway staring around the room... kind of freaky really in the middle of the night! In the end he fell asleep in our bed. I have no idea what was disturbing him so much. (When he woke up this morning he looked down at my bed and said "Oh look Mum - there's no snakes or crocodiles in the bed!" What on earth was he dreaming last night?!) Ayden also woke up having a bad dream - he said he saw Madi's stuffed toy rabbit walking across the room - what the? Madi tossed and turned all night too, sobbing in her sleep a few times... what was going on?!!! I reallllllly hope we have a better night tonight. I'm already severely lacking in sleep!

I received some happy mail this week. I ordered one of Janelle's Frilly Dilly Bag kits from Ballarat Patchwork. The fabrics really are so gorgeous!
I've loved this bag since I saw it on Janelle's blog ages ago so I can't wait to sit down and make one for myself! Just need to find some time now in amongst all the other things I have on the go at the moment...

I've been working on knitting that blanket for Riley that I mentioned a few posts back. Here's a quick pic of what it's looking like.
I've only done 3 panels so far and sewn them together. I've got another 6 to go, but I'm getting there slowly but surely. (Mum's already on her 7th panel on the one she's doing for Ayden - as I predicted she'll be finished long before I am!)
I have managed to squeeze some scrapping in over the last few days too - can't share just yet though.... Hopefully I'll get another layout started tonight when the kids finally go to bed. Have to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" though too - can't miss that!
Have a great night everyone!
Sheree xx


  1. Oh no sheree - I hope you all sleep better tonight! Riley's dreams sound a bit like Tassy's midnight hallucinations when she had pneumonia - it was very freaky!
    How exciting to be making JAnelle's filly dilly bag! And your knitted rug looks awesome! So neatly knitted too! :)

  2. Oh I hope everyone has a better sleep tonight....Chloe sometimes sleepwalks but it is only if she is really really tired.

    LOVE the materials you got to make the bag....they are so yummy

    The rug looks great...nice colours, looks snuggly and warm.

    Have a great week and hopefully some good nights rest.
    Cherie xx

  3. that is not funny sheree, our weekend has been terrible too, olivia has the vomits (which is my favourite of all time NOT). Hope you get better sleep for all of you, that kinda happens when you have 3 hey, they take it in turns or sometimes the one night!! LOL
    I have had that frilly dilly bag on my list for months too, how funny. You will have to let me know how easy it is? LOL
    Love the knitting....where do you find the time??? have a great week. Mxx

  4. Wow your knitted blanket is coming along sooo beautifully. I love the colour combo.
    I had bad dreams last night too - a giant person eating spider! LOL..I never usually remember dreaming at all so this was really weird.
    How gorgeous is that bag going to be!!

  5. wow your blanket is coming along! i keep lurking your blog a few posts back to your missy moo lo-i just LOVE it!

  6. Oh Sheree, I do hope you have been able to have some sleep - maybe the full moon has been interfering with everyones sleep - I know I have been dreaming heaps and couldn't sleep last night!

    YAY that you are going to make your very own Frilly Dilly Bag - that is SO exciting - can't wait to see it.

    And I LOVE your knitted blanket - I would love to make one of them too - ho hum, if only I didn't need to eat or sleep I would get SO much more done. x Janelle

  7. Sheree....I remember my kids doing that type of thibg occasionally...totally freaked me out too.. thankfully they dont do it now....that would be VERY freaky.

    I just love your knitted rug too Sheree...its comming along beautifully.
    Mardi x


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