Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some layouts and holiday happenings...

I haven't scrapped much since I started my knitting project, so last night I grabbed some photos and papers and got busy! I chose some old photos that have been sitting around my scrap room for ages - they are of Ayden's 3rd birthday from a couple of years ago - and I used up some papers that I've had for a while too. They're pretty simple layouts, but I'm so glad I've finally got these pages done!

Here's one I did a while ago for The Scrapyard... I love this pic of Madi! It would have to be one of my favourites for sure!

Well school holidays are almost over, and not soon enough according to Ayden! He can't wait to go back! Not that he doesn't want to be home, he just misses his friends and Ms Taylor. We haven't had much opportunity to really go anywhere special these holidays, but we did have some old friends visit during the week which was wonderful! (Hi Bill & Inga if you're reading this!) They're the type of friends that, even though you don't see each other for months on end or talk on the phone much, when you get together it's like you only saw them yesterday. The kids loved having Jarrett and Stella here to play with and it's so nice to see them all get along so well when they haven't seen each other for about a year! Silly me forgot to snap any photos while they were here... I was just too caught up with chatting and catching up!

We took the boys to the movies yesterday to see "Horton Hears A Who"... well Paul took them in while I shopped with Madi...
(It's hopeless trying to take Madi to the cinema. I spend most of the time chasing her up and down the isles so it's easier if Paul takes the boys in by himself.) They all loved the movie, including Paul! I'll have to see it when it comes out on DVD...
We might head over to Mum & Dad's place for the day tomorrow... that should finish off the holidays nicely! Next school holidays we're going to try and do a big trip down south to visit Paul's family. We just don't get to see them all enough! We're already planning and gathering up all the winter clothes that we can find... it's chilly down there!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sheree xx


  1. I love the layouts Sheree. They are all stunning as usual.
    I love the 'Missy Moo' one...Madi is such a cutie!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Holidays are just starting here so the next two weeks for me will be nice and busy!

  2. I love all of these layouts! Such gorgeous colours.

    School hols only started for us today!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Sheree! These are all fantastic....I am envious of how you can throw them together and there's not a dud amongst them!

    Megan xx

  4. Beautiful work Sheree - I always love seeing what you have created!! Gorgeous.
    Oh, you'll love Horton - it was so funny!!
    We still can't take Oscar to the movies either - but I can't wait until he's old enough to come along...
    Have a lovely Sunday:))

  5. LOve the layouts Sheree, they are all gorgeous and the photo of Madi on the missy moo layout is just too CUTE.....

    Please share some pics of your knitting project

    Have a great week
    Cherie xx

  6. ohhh the most BEAUTIFUL pic of little madi! love your lo's too, i am always in need of some boy lo inspiration!


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