Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another layout, and some other stuff...

I got scrapping yesterday and managed to get this one done. despite the hundred and one interruptions from my 3 little rascals!!I've had these pics in a bag with the paper and rub-ons for months!! So finally I sat down and got it done. Madi was only about 7 mths in these shots and had a terrible rash on her chubby little cheeks, but I still love these cheeky photos. I also wanted to record how close she was to crawling at this stage too.

Speaking of Madi, I thought I'd share this pic I took yesterday of her with her two little pigtails. Very cute! They're looking a bit uneven in this shot but she'd been rolling around on the floor playing. LOL! I've been waiting and waiting until I could actually put her hair up! Her fringe is so long now it's much easier to put it up than just use a clip. (She pulls the clips out all the time.)

Would you believe I actually baked last night?! I know it's a shock! I'll do anything when I'm craving a little chocolate!!! LOL! I found this really easy recipe on Melissa Goodsell's blog, and let me tell you - it really was sooo simple and it tastes fantastic!!

It went down really well with my cup of tea last night. The boys have been eyeing if off this morning all ready and I'm trying to hold them off!

We don't really have a lot planned for today. Just a day at home... I'm sure I'll end up attacking my humungous pile of ironing that's calling me from the laundry! Gee... that'll be fun :(

While I'm here I just wanted to thank you lovely ladies for taking the time to leave me comments here on my blog. I really appreciate it and I LOVE reading them.... so THANKYOU !!!

Have a great Sunday!

Sheree xx


  1. Mmmmmm that choccy slice looks good enough to tempt even me to cook! Well
    Love that Lo of Madi, I love that age when they are nearly crawling...ah! those were the days! Enjoy every moment Sheree.

  2. oh sheree i found that recipe on melissa goodsells blog too-i wrote it down but am yet to cook it. i have a friend coming wednesday and thought i would give it a go. looks delicious. LOVE your gorgeous girls piggys and your cute lo.

  3. Oh this layout is so cute! And those piggies - I miss Tassy with those cute little piggies. Now her piggies are so loooong!

    I found a chocolate slice recipe on Melissa's blog a month or so ago and have made that so many times! So easy!

  4. Hi Sheree,

    LOVE the layout, such cute photos....
    How cute is Madi with her hair in piggies, just too cute...

    I made the slice from Melissa blog yesterday too....yummy

    Have a great week,
    Cherie xx
    PS, I am in the middle of an email to you about the card class!! Will finish it soon..hopefully before you do your class.

  5. Thanks for trying the slice - I'm glad you enjoyed it :o)
    That's a really gorgeous layout too,


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