Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paul's Valentines Prank...

I had a few things to get done today while Ayden was at school... one of them being heading over to The Scrapyard to organise some classes for next month. When I got there Sandra handed me a red envelope telling me a guy with olive skin, fairly good looking had been waiting at the door when she arrived to open up. He gave her the envelope to give to me. Straight away I said "It's gotta be Paul!" but Sandra told me that she's sure she's seen Paul in my photos and she didn't think it was him. I didn't recognise the writing on the envelope (although the little question mark in brackets seemed very much like Paul's writing!) It said...
How weird!! I still didn't recognise the handwriting... but surely it was Paul trying to disguise his? Even Val tried to throw me off. Hmmmmm.... So I left the store a little later thinking it had to Paul but if not it's going to feel quite creepy and a little spooky too.... So I get home and say to Paul "Now I know where you REALLY were this morning!" (After dropping Ayden off at school this morning, he had supposedly gone to chat to one of the guys at work, then went to the shops...) Well he denied it all day long, did quite a convincing job of it too! But I finally got him to fess up tonight!!! I KNEW it was him!!! And Sandra and Val were in on it!!!! Ratbags!! Apparently he thought it would be a bit of a laugh and he had some time to kill..... how CHEEKY can you get?!!! Sometimes he entertains himself in the strangest ways......... LOL!

Anyway, I also just wanted to thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes!!! (I forgot to mention that in my last post in my rush to get it done...) It was so nice of you all and reading them really brightened my day... so THANK YOU!!

Well, I'm a little disappointed that So You Think You Can Dance isn't on tonight... why can't it be on every night? How awesome are all those dancers?!!! Just amazing.... So instead of being glued to the tv I might get some scrapping done instead tonight! Hope you're all having a lovely evening!

Sheree xx


  1. rofl...thats a very cool dh you have..Mardi x

  2. LOL that is so funny.....hope you are having a great Valentines day today, and I hope Paul gave you something nice to make up for his joke...

    Cherie xx


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