Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Year Older...

It's my birthday today... and I've been really spoiled this morning! I woke up to some beautifully wrapped prezzies from Paul and the kids... a Kelly Lane Vase, some Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume (in the coolest looking bottle!) and a Making Memories Desktop Carousel!!!! Lucky Me!!! My scrapping desk is going to be soooo organised!!

Paul is working today but he still managed to cook me our traditional pancake birthday brekkie before he left ... YUM!!! (Very fitting too since today is Pancake Day!)
We had a very wet school run this morning, not much fun with only one umbrella between the 4 of us! So after I dropped Ayden off I took Riley and Madi shopping for raincoats and kids umbrellas - we'll be looking good this afternoon!
After the shopping trip I dropped into the post office on the way home to pick up some parcels and I got the most lovely surprise from my beautiful friend Belinda! A gorgeous figurine - so beautifully wrapped with a handmade gift bag and card. (Thank you so much Belinda!!) There was also a friendship page for my album too - LOVE it!!!
So I'm feeling very lucky and having a wonderful day so far! Just trying not to think about the fact that I'm now another year older.....LOL! Haven't got much planned for the rest of the day... some time playing with the kids... picking up Ayden from school... hopefully I'll get some scrapping time in today at some stage!
I'm off to find a good spot on my desk for my new carousel.... have a great day everyone!!
Sheree xx


  1. "Happy Birthday" glad you are having a great day and getting spoilt.

    Cherie xx

  2. Happy birthday! Have a great day.

  3. Happy birthday! You're a lucky girl! :D What beautiful presents and pancakes for brekkie - yum!

  4. I'm so glad that you loved your pressie Sheree - I'm just so happy that it got to you on the day...:)

    Looks like you got spoilt - pancakes for brekkie too..YUM!


  5. Happy birthday for yesterday Sheree. Hope you have a great year.

  6. Oh poo poo bummer bum....I missed acknowledging your birthday...so although Im very late.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY... mwah xx


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