Sunday, January 20, 2008

A visit to see Thomas...

We took the kids on a drive to the Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich on Thursday... you see Thomas & Friends were there!! It was a long drive and we didn't tell the boys where we were going... just told them it was a big surprise... and you should've seen their faces when we got there and they saw all the engines!! They had a fantastic time looking at all the trains and displays and playing in the play areas there...
Ayden had his photo taken with the Fat Controller (he was great!) but Riley just wouldn't go anywhere near him.... it wasn't until the end of the day that he would stand right in front of Thomas to get his photo taken... must have been because Thomas was so big!

We did have one hiccup towards the end of the day.... we were in the soft play area and the boys were having heaps of fun playing in amongst the masses of other kids... even Madi got in there and had a little wander (with Daddy) and a play with the wheelbarrow and things that were there... everything was great until I couldn't see Riley anymore.... Paul and I did the rounds of the play area trying to find him but he just wasn't there....I was starting to panic more with every passing minute!! Paul went looking for him while I stayed at the play area in case he came back... I was soooooo relieved when Paul came back with him!!! Apparently he'd made his way through the museum to the gift store (where they were selling all sorts of Thomas toys) and by the time Paul got there he'd been there 10 minutes!!!! He wasn't crying but the ladies were trying to ask him questions like "What's daddy's name?" to which he'd reply "Daddy!"... so they were getting nowhere fast.... Next time we go anywhere I'm putting an ID band on him first!!! Little rascal.....

Just a few more pics of the kids enjoying their day...

We dropped into Mum & Dad's place on the way home for a drink and a chat... we were all exhausted by the time we reached our front door!

Haven't got any new layouts to share at the moment... too busy doing other things! I've been drawn into watching the tennis this week... last night's Federer match was fantastic! So glad Hewitt won last night too... just couldn't stay up to watch that one though...way too late for me!!

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!

Sheree xx


  1. Hi Sheree,

    My tummy still turns when I think about Riley going missing...that must have just been the longest 10 minutes of your life!

    Your photos all look awesome - the kids certainly had a ball :-)

    Megan xx

    PS I hope you got my email I sent earlier....have still been having hassles with AAPT.

  2. OMG Sheree...what a scary 10 minutes that must have been.
    We have had similar when we were in Target in Adelaide once. DD thought that it would be funny to hide from us. I was beside myself. She has never done that again!

    Looks like the kids had a fabulous the photos!

    Congrats on the secured layout from last post...:)

    Sorry I haven't got back to your email. I've been very slack...:(


  3. oh Sheree, doesn't your heart just stop and you have all those horrible thoughts going through your head when they take off like that - I'm so glad you found him. Jacob used to run off all the time - very scary - I worry myself sick. Madi is growing up sooo very fast!!! Great pics, glad you all had a fun day. Court xx

  4. Hi Sheree, I think all us mums know that scary feeling when we can't find one of our children....10 minutes feels like 10 hours.

    Looks like a fantastic place for thomas fans,

    Have a great week,
    Cherie xx


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