Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just had to write this down...

The other day while I was at work, Paul's brother John & his wife Leigh came to visit. They had a lovely time apparently, but there was one little incident that made me chuckle when I came home and heard about it.... The kids were playing in the lounge and watching cartoons, when Ayden came running out to the kitchen in a panic saying "Dad! Dad! Madi's put *poo hair* everywhere!!". (Don't worry - this really isn't a gross story...) So Paul looks at John & Leigh very puzzled and everyone's wondering "What's poo hair?". When Paul went to look, Madi had brought the shampoo from the bathroom and had squirted it all over herself, the carpet and the couch!!! It was a bit of mess, but it cleaned up pretty well..... but POO HAIR?!!!!!! Too funny!!!! Some of the things Ayden comes out with really makes me laugh!!!

Sheree xx


  1. LOL...........that is just so funny and so cute,
    thanks for sharing

    Cherie xx

  2. OMGoodness!!Too funny, thank goodness it was only shampoo and not what Ayden implied.LOL When I was little I ran out saying the cat had pooed in my mums wardrobe when in actual fact she was giving birth to kittens.LOL Thanks for the memory Sheree. Court xx

  3. thats so cute Sheree.....I miss those funny little sayings when the kids are young...
    I just adore the layout a few posts back of Madi sleeping...its just beautiful!...its the sweetest photo...and yummo papers too.
    Mardi x


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