Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I've scrapped!

I picked up these gorgeous new Basic Grey (Two Scoops) goodies at The Scrapyard on Sunday. Love the colours!

So tonight I've managed to finish this one...

(Sorry about the photo quality...the light wasn't that great.) I cut the big flower & swirls out of one of the patterned papers, and I must say after I started I was kind of regretting my decision! lol! It took a lot of patience but it's turned out ok in the end...

It's been great catching up with famiy this past week! After Mum & Dad went home we had Paul's Uncle Steve, Tania and little Julia visit. We had a bbq lunch and it was so nice to chat and spend some time together! We didn't see much of Julia though... she was asleep when they got here and she slept the whole time until they were leaving! Unfortunately they could only stay a couple of hours. They're back up in the NT now - holiday over - hope it's not so long between visits next time! (Forgot to take some photos while they were here too... bummer!)

We're going to have more visitors on Wednesday - this time it's one of Paul's old (best) friends from high school! We haven't seen him in a LOT of years so it's going to be great to see him and his family who we've never met. I'll have to remember to get the camera out this time!

The weather sure has been wild around here too over the past week! Thankfully today we had some blue skies... so good to be able to hang washing out instead of using the dryer! The rain has been fantastic though and our local dam is now overflowing for the first time in ages so that's gotta be good! I really feel for everyone who's been affected by the flooding though, we're lucky enough not to have been in one of those areas.

Well, its way past my bedtime and I'm working tomorrow so I'd better go... nighty night!

Sheree xx


  1. Hey Sheree...
    WOW...I LOVE the two scoops.
    I was actually looking at it last night online and popped a bit in my cart. When I looked at the price of the order I was shocked, so i didn't go any further! lol
    I did have a few other things on there aswell though. :)
    Next time..:)

    Sounds like you've been having a fabulous time with family and the rain sounds great too. Can you send it this way please? lol

    Have a great week Sheree.


  2. Hi Sheree, I LOVE the layout, I bet we will see it published some time soon, its very cute....

    Have fun with your visitors,

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  3. The 2scoops papers are just perfect for your layout. Love that photo! Makes me long for another tiny baby, lol. All in good time. The cutting must've taken forever, but it looks so great. Well done.

    And isn't the Bourne Ultimatum great? Well, I loved all of them, but I'm a bit of a Matt Damon fan :)

  4. Hi Sheree!

    Oh my! The cutting out must have been torturous, but it's completely worth it - that layout is beautiful. No doubt we will be seeing it in the pages of a magazine sometime soon!

    I just read the post below too....must admit I had a giggle to myself when I saw the black biro drawing Ayden did lol. Kids!

    Hoping you're all well!
    Megan xx

  5. I love your scrap!! very nice!!


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