Wednesday, January 2, 2008


A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!! Hope you all had a great night last night! We had a quiet one at home... Mum & Dad came to stay for the night which was nice. We chatted, watched a movie (The Bourne Ultimatum) and watched the fireworks on tv. It wouldn't have been much fun to venture out anyway with the weather the way it is here at the moment! Rain, wind, wind and rain.....very miserable, but I guess we really do need it! I'm hoping it's all falling in the right places for the dams...

I wanted to send out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Mardi who has been announced as a winner of the Scrapbooking Memories Masters competition. (It was announced last week - I'm just a little slow in my I'm so excited that you won and you so deserve it!!! I also wanted to say thank you so much for the congrats I've received for the Honourable Mentions I got for my layouts in the magazine too... I can't believe it!!! Now the magazine is finally out I thought I'd share pics of my whole entry....

First, here are my two layouts. (Sorry you can't really read my journalling on the dble page layout but I think you can see it in the mag)...

Here's my mini-album (well the cover and one page anyway)...

And my caddy (yeah I know... not very imaginative!)...

So there it is! I have to admit that off the page stuff really isn't my strong point... haven't done a lot of it but I plan on changing that 'cause I really had fun making these things.

Oh yeah... I know this post is getting unbelievably long but I just had to share this... Yesterday I'm cleaning the leather couch and Ayden sort of indicates that there is 'something' on one of the single armchairs that "maybe Riley did", and when I take a look this is what I see...

OMG!!!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! In black biro!!! Well after much scrubbing (and we really thought it wasn't going to come off) we tried a little bit of some citrus goo remover and it worked! PHEW!! Needless to say Ayden did get into trouble... mainly for trying to blame it on Riley (who can't even write yet). Little ratbag!! He knew he'd done wrong that's for sure and I don't think he'll do it again in a hurry... KIDS!!

Well that's about it from me today! Hope everyone has recovered well and caught up on sleep after last night.... and all the very best to you all for 2008!!!

Sheree xx


  1. Gostei muito desse post e seu blog é muito interessante, vou passar por aqui sempre =) Depois dá uma passada lá no meu site, que é sobre o CresceNet, espero que goste. O endereço dele é . Um abraço.

  2. Aww thanks Sheree.... and a HUGE congratulations on your HM's too.... I was so thrilled to see your layouts in the mag....and I just adore that double....the colours...the journaling....gorgeous!!

    ..and oh no! about the lounge....Im so glad it came off though...I remember my kids writing on things too when they were smaller...and my Mum tells the story off me writing the word 'hot' on everything...including the wall under the toilet paper holder...mmmmm...not sure what the meaning of that would have
    Mardi x

  3. Congrats Sherre on your honourable mention, your layouts are fantastic, I love the journaling for "who could've known" sweet.

    I too know all about pen on things my DD Georgia used to write HER NAME on any and everything!!! in black marker!!!......thank goodness she grew out if that.

    Wishing You and your Beautiful Family a fantastic New Year.

    Take care

    Cherie xx

  4. Congrats Sheree, loved your lo and other stuff - well done. I still havn't seen the magazine - everyone has one even in country WA but I still don't :( My newsagency guy told Mark he would get it shipped in specially today - so fingers crossed that I can get a look at it all-I'm dying here.LOL Court xx

  5. Your journaling on your double LO is great and from the heart. And your box - is gorgeous - especially love the (is it) rub-ons around the bottom. It's not ordinary at all! Court (me again)LOL

  6. A VERY big Happy New Year to you and your family too Sheree - thank you for your friendship and support throughout 2007...

    Another HUGE congratulations on your honourable mentions in the Masters too - that is WONDERFUL news...

    May 2008 be overflowing with wonderful things. xx Janelle


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