Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A couple of layouts...

I got busy yesterday and scrapped a couple of layouts on the boys. I tried to use up a few of my scraps and older embellies I've had sitting around... plus I'm a little addicted to felt at the moment so I threw some of that in too...

I just love these photos of Riley and I don't know why it's taken me so long to scrap them! They were taken back in April 2006 so he was only about 19mths old then - totally gorgeous!!

(Sorry, I've had to remove this layout

as it has been secured

for publication by

Scrapbook Creations... Yippee!)

Before our recent move the house we were living in had a sloped garden in the backyard. The boys were forever climbing up to the top, looking at the ants and bugs that they would find, then they would slide back down on their bottoms! Boys will be boys I guess, but I was forever trying to get their pants clean!! Grrrr...

I also found these two layouts that I did last year that I haven't shared before... both are on Madi.

I was actually planning on scrapping again tonight but now I've gotten sidetracked on the computer... there's always tomorrow night right?!

Sheree xx


  1. Hi Sheree.
    I love your new layouts. Adorable like always.
    What a beautiful soft toy for Madi. I really need to get myself a 'softies' book don't I? :)
    (Then a few sewing lessons...hehe)
    Have a great week Sheree.
    Talk soon,

  2. Hi Sheree. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Wow I love your bright colourful layouts! Congratulations on you HMs in the masters!!

  3. Glorious layouts as always. I love your scrpaping style and the way you always use the perfect colour combinations with your photos. Thanks for giving me some new inspiration.

    I love the photos of Madi and the story about how she has now discovered her shadow - to cute. I hope she isn't giving herself too many frights still. She will get used to it soon enough.

    Have a great week and take care. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

  4. Hi Sheree!

    Cheeky Little Princess is my absolute favourite - oh that is so sweet!!! No doubt we will be seeing it in a magazine sometime soon!

    Megan xx

  5. Hi Sheree,

    I lOVE the layouts.....SO CUTE....Madi looks like she is almost smiling at 9 days!!! and I don't think Riley could get any cuter.

    Congrats on the publication too....you are so clever.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Cherie xx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous LO's Sheree :0)

  7. Love your LO's Sheree, congrats on the publication!! Court :)

  8. Sheree these layouts are beautiful.

    Brilliant colours and designs.

    Congratulations on another acceptance - missed it by that much.


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