Sunday, January 27, 2008

Australia Day Weekend...

Happy Australia Day weekend everyone! So what did everyone get up to yesterday? Well, I had to work... but we did have lamb chops for dinner! We also did the very Aussie thing of running out of gas in the BBQ while trying to cook them... typical! lol

The local council has declared a 'wet weekend' for this weekend as well since our local dam is overflowing due to all the recent rains... so we'll be washing the car (it sooooo needs it) and anything else we can think of today. They're also turning the showers back on at the Gold Coast beaches too - fantastic! Nothing worse than having to get in the car covered with sand!

We're counting down now to Ayden's very first day of school on Tuesday! He's very excited! We've got everything organised... his uniform, shoes, new lunch box and school bag, book pack ordered and sent to the school.... so we're just waiting for the day now! I can't believe my little man is heading off to Prep... he's growing up too fast!

Madi's been doing the funniest little things lately... If she spots her shoes anywhere she has to bring me one so I can put it on her - and she only wants ONE on! Then she goes about her business - wearing only that one shoe! Just wanders around all over the house like it's completely normal! Then the other day she found two pairs of Riley's Thomas undies and decided they would look fabulous over the top of her shorts and brought them to me to put on her... It looked so cute! (I can't believe I didn't take a photo... I was in the middle of an ironing marathon.) She wandered around for hours wearing them until I took them off her again. It really is so much fun watching her discover new things and seeing her personality shining through... she's so gorgeous.

I've been a bit slack on the scrapping front this week, so I thought I'd share a few things I made as Christmas gifts for family at the end of last year. There were these little mini-albums I made inspired by the classes at Kim Archer's site:

I also made these little stockings for our tree. (There were 3 stocking designs in Kim's class which I made but since I needed two more different stockings I came up with these holly and heart designs...)

Another one of Kim's classes... I made this for my niece Taylah-Jaide... I filled it with hair bands and jewellery and things...

I made a few other things too from Kim's classes - she really did come up with so many gorgeous ideas! It really got my creative juices flowing.... (If you didn't do her Christmas Spectacular classes you really should check them out this year! I will be...)
So while I was in my creative mood I decided to handstich this felt stocking for Madi. The boys both have their own personalised stockings (about 60cm long) and I just couldn't find another nice one for Madison. I ended up making this...
Paul laughed at me when I said I was going to make one but I think it turned out alright! lol
That'll do for now... this has turned into a mammoth post!! Thanks for hanging in there if you're still reading this! Enjoy the rest of your long weekend...
Sheree xx


  1. Hi Sheree,
    LOL running out of gas, that sound like something that would happen to us too..
    Love all the stuff you made in Kims class, I must post pics of all the stuff I did, I was really happy with the way it all turned out.
    Hope all goes well for Aydens first day, my baby boy will be starting school on Wednesday he also is very excited.
    LOL the cute things Madi has been up to, she sounds like a real little joker.
    Enjoy whats left of your weekend.
    Cherie xx

  2. Oh I love all your projects from Kim's christmas classes! They are just gorgeous! And Madi's Christmas stocking. Wow! How absolutely adorable. :)

    ROFL at your BBQ. :D

  3. Hah! about running out of BBQ gas. Brilliant!
    Look at all those gorgeous projects. They are all stunning. You must have been one busy girl.

  4. LOL about the bbq - that has happened to us as well!! Little Madi running around with one shoe - priceless! I love all that felt - where did you get the bird in the tree?? I have a bird thing.LOL Court xx

  5. Hi Sheree,

    I hope today runs smoothly for you and Ayden. LOL I too have run out of Gas in the BBQ before. I love your Creations i'll be back for some more inspiration.

    Take Care,
    Check out our Forum!

  6. LOVE your mini albums...they are so adorable! Your stitching blows me's so perfect! I NEED
    Love Miss Madi's stocking too...very sweet!

  7. Wow! these projects are really lovely . Full of colour and creativity. Bet your family loved them.

    So beautiful, so adorable!!


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