Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Baby Girl Is ONE!

Today Madi has turned 1 year old!!! Wow I can't believe how her first year has flown by... I just went back to look at some photos of her from a year ago after we brought her home from hospital... Here she is at about a week old...

And look at her now!! What a difference a year makes... she's grown up so much!! She's so gorgeous!!

We kept it fairly low key today... she got her prezzies this morning (a ride on car, talking telephone, doll, some clothes) and we had a little chocolate cake this afternoon (which she absolutely loved and ended up covered in!). We've having a BBQ on Sunday with family to celebrate her birthday then, so we're keeping all the decorations and things for that.

The other BIG event this week was Ayden's first day ever at school! He's in prep this year and to our surprise (and relief) there were no tears in sight! He was so excited to get there and once we found his class room he jumped straight in! We took some photos, said our goodbyes and that was that! He came out on the first day saying "it was awesome" and couldn't wait to go back. He's really enjoying it and has already made new friends.

So it's been quite a week!! Riley is coping really well too with Ayden being at school. I think he does enjoy a little time by himself and it'll be great for him to have some one-on-one time with Paul too. (I gotta say he LOVES it when Ayden gets home from school though!)

So that's it from me for now! The Amazing Race is on shortly so I'm off to get the boys into bed!I'll be baking fairy cakes and fairy cookie wands over the next couple of days ready for Sunday... wish me luck!! (Cooking really isn't my thing! LOL!)

Have a great evening!

Sheree xx

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Australia Day Weekend...

Happy Australia Day weekend everyone! So what did everyone get up to yesterday? Well, I had to work... but we did have lamb chops for dinner! We also did the very Aussie thing of running out of gas in the BBQ while trying to cook them... typical! lol

The local council has declared a 'wet weekend' for this weekend as well since our local dam is overflowing due to all the recent rains... so we'll be washing the car (it sooooo needs it) and anything else we can think of today. They're also turning the showers back on at the Gold Coast beaches too - fantastic! Nothing worse than having to get in the car covered with sand!

We're counting down now to Ayden's very first day of school on Tuesday! He's very excited! We've got everything organised... his uniform, shoes, new lunch box and school bag, book pack ordered and sent to the school.... so we're just waiting for the day now! I can't believe my little man is heading off to Prep... he's growing up too fast!

Madi's been doing the funniest little things lately... If she spots her shoes anywhere she has to bring me one so I can put it on her - and she only wants ONE on! Then she goes about her business - wearing only that one shoe! Just wanders around all over the house like it's completely normal! Then the other day she found two pairs of Riley's Thomas undies and decided they would look fabulous over the top of her shorts and brought them to me to put on her... It looked so cute! (I can't believe I didn't take a photo... I was in the middle of an ironing marathon.) She wandered around for hours wearing them until I took them off her again. It really is so much fun watching her discover new things and seeing her personality shining through... she's so gorgeous.

I've been a bit slack on the scrapping front this week, so I thought I'd share a few things I made as Christmas gifts for family at the end of last year. There were these little mini-albums I made inspired by the classes at Kim Archer's site:

I also made these little stockings for our tree. (There were 3 stocking designs in Kim's class which I made but since I needed two more different stockings I came up with these holly and heart designs...)

Another one of Kim's classes... I made this for my niece Taylah-Jaide... I filled it with hair bands and jewellery and things...

I made a few other things too from Kim's classes - she really did come up with so many gorgeous ideas! It really got my creative juices flowing.... (If you didn't do her Christmas Spectacular classes you really should check them out this year! I will be...)
So while I was in my creative mood I decided to handstich this felt stocking for Madi. The boys both have their own personalised stockings (about 60cm long) and I just couldn't find another nice one for Madison. I ended up making this...
Paul laughed at me when I said I was going to make one but I think it turned out alright! lol
That'll do for now... this has turned into a mammoth post!! Thanks for hanging in there if you're still reading this! Enjoy the rest of your long weekend...
Sheree xx

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just had to write this down...

The other day while I was at work, Paul's brother John & his wife Leigh came to visit. They had a lovely time apparently, but there was one little incident that made me chuckle when I came home and heard about it.... The kids were playing in the lounge and watching cartoons, when Ayden came running out to the kitchen in a panic saying "Dad! Dad! Madi's put *poo hair* everywhere!!". (Don't worry - this really isn't a gross story...) So Paul looks at John & Leigh very puzzled and everyone's wondering "What's poo hair?". When Paul went to look, Madi had brought the shampoo from the bathroom and had squirted it all over herself, the carpet and the couch!!! It was a bit of mess, but it cleaned up pretty well..... but POO HAIR?!!!!!! Too funny!!!! Some of the things Ayden comes out with really makes me laugh!!!

Sheree xx

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A visit to see Thomas...

We took the kids on a drive to the Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich on Thursday... you see Thomas & Friends were there!! It was a long drive and we didn't tell the boys where we were going... just told them it was a big surprise... and you should've seen their faces when we got there and they saw all the engines!! They had a fantastic time looking at all the trains and displays and playing in the play areas there...
Ayden had his photo taken with the Fat Controller (he was great!) but Riley just wouldn't go anywhere near him.... it wasn't until the end of the day that he would stand right in front of Thomas to get his photo taken... must have been because Thomas was so big!

We did have one hiccup towards the end of the day.... we were in the soft play area and the boys were having heaps of fun playing in amongst the masses of other kids... even Madi got in there and had a little wander (with Daddy) and a play with the wheelbarrow and things that were there... everything was great until I couldn't see Riley anymore.... Paul and I did the rounds of the play area trying to find him but he just wasn't there....I was starting to panic more with every passing minute!! Paul went looking for him while I stayed at the play area in case he came back... I was soooooo relieved when Paul came back with him!!! Apparently he'd made his way through the museum to the gift store (where they were selling all sorts of Thomas toys) and by the time Paul got there he'd been there 10 minutes!!!! He wasn't crying but the ladies were trying to ask him questions like "What's daddy's name?" to which he'd reply "Daddy!"... so they were getting nowhere fast.... Next time we go anywhere I'm putting an ID band on him first!!! Little rascal.....

Just a few more pics of the kids enjoying their day...

We dropped into Mum & Dad's place on the way home for a drink and a chat... we were all exhausted by the time we reached our front door!

Haven't got any new layouts to share at the moment... too busy doing other things! I've been drawn into watching the tennis this week... last night's Federer match was fantastic! So glad Hewitt won last night too... just couldn't stay up to watch that one though...way too late for me!!

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!

Sheree xx

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A couple of layouts...

I got busy yesterday and scrapped a couple of layouts on the boys. I tried to use up a few of my scraps and older embellies I've had sitting around... plus I'm a little addicted to felt at the moment so I threw some of that in too...

I just love these photos of Riley and I don't know why it's taken me so long to scrap them! They were taken back in April 2006 so he was only about 19mths old then - totally gorgeous!!

(Sorry, I've had to remove this layout

as it has been secured

for publication by

Scrapbook Creations... Yippee!)

Before our recent move the house we were living in had a sloped garden in the backyard. The boys were forever climbing up to the top, looking at the ants and bugs that they would find, then they would slide back down on their bottoms! Boys will be boys I guess, but I was forever trying to get their pants clean!! Grrrr...

I also found these two layouts that I did last year that I haven't shared before... both are on Madi.

I was actually planning on scrapping again tonight but now I've gotten sidetracked on the computer... there's always tomorrow night right?!

Sheree xx

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The last few days...

We've actually got some sunshine today!! I've got the washing on the line, the boys are playing outside and everyone is happy.

First of all - a quick share... I got a new softies book for Christmas so I've been trying my hand at making a couple. This one wasn't in my new book but I saw one very similar online here and drew up my own pattern. It's for Madi of course! (I think next time I'll do the legs a bit wider!)

It's been another few busy days here with visitors, work, shopping, etc...On Wednesday we had a visit from one of Paul's best mates from school, Brett and his family. We haven't seen Brett for at least 14 years!!! It was lovely to meet his wife, Kelly and their kids and to hear him and Paul reminisce about their school days together... so many stories and I can't believe some of the things they used to get up to!

Wednesday night Paul took the boys to the International Bull Riding at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. He got tickets through work and the boys absolutely loved it!
Paul took a couple of photos of the boys in their seats but forgot to take any of the actual bull riding!! (Needs a bit more training I think! lol!) Ayden & Riley stayed up way past their bedtime and didn't get home until about 9pm!! By then they were quite grumpy - mainly because Paul said they had to come home - they wanted to stay longer!

Madi's scared herself the other night with her own shadow!! Funny little thing!!

The first time I noticed it she was heading into the bedroom (the light was off in there), but as she was going through the door she stopped, looking down at her shadow... saw it was moving... freaked out and got out of there as fast as she could! She didn't cry or anything but she quickly made her way over to me for a cuddle and to make sure everything was alright! The thing is that she kept forgetting about it, then going back in there 10 minutes later only to scare herself again!! Hopefully she's already realised there's nothing to worry about... we were outside this morning and it didn't seem to bother her...maybe it's just at night...

I snapped this pic while we were outside today... love that cheeky face! I can't believe she will be turning 1 at the end of this month... where has the time gone?

Well, I'm off to hang another load of washing on the line (catching up after all the rain we've had)... have a great weekend!

Sheree xx

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I've scrapped!

I picked up these gorgeous new Basic Grey (Two Scoops) goodies at The Scrapyard on Sunday. Love the colours!

So tonight I've managed to finish this one...

(Sorry about the photo quality...the light wasn't that great.) I cut the big flower & swirls out of one of the patterned papers, and I must say after I started I was kind of regretting my decision! lol! It took a lot of patience but it's turned out ok in the end...

It's been great catching up with famiy this past week! After Mum & Dad went home we had Paul's Uncle Steve, Tania and little Julia visit. We had a bbq lunch and it was so nice to chat and spend some time together! We didn't see much of Julia though... she was asleep when they got here and she slept the whole time until they were leaving! Unfortunately they could only stay a couple of hours. They're back up in the NT now - holiday over - hope it's not so long between visits next time! (Forgot to take some photos while they were here too... bummer!)

We're going to have more visitors on Wednesday - this time it's one of Paul's old (best) friends from high school! We haven't seen him in a LOT of years so it's going to be great to see him and his family who we've never met. I'll have to remember to get the camera out this time!

The weather sure has been wild around here too over the past week! Thankfully today we had some blue skies... so good to be able to hang washing out instead of using the dryer! The rain has been fantastic though and our local dam is now overflowing for the first time in ages so that's gotta be good! I really feel for everyone who's been affected by the flooding though, we're lucky enough not to have been in one of those areas.

Well, its way past my bedtime and I'm working tomorrow so I'd better go... nighty night!

Sheree xx

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!! Hope you all had a great night last night! We had a quiet one at home... Mum & Dad came to stay for the night which was nice. We chatted, watched a movie (The Bourne Ultimatum) and watched the fireworks on tv. It wouldn't have been much fun to venture out anyway with the weather the way it is here at the moment! Rain, wind, wind and rain.....very miserable, but I guess we really do need it! I'm hoping it's all falling in the right places for the dams...

I wanted to send out a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Mardi who has been announced as a winner of the Scrapbooking Memories Masters competition. (It was announced last week - I'm just a little slow in my I'm so excited that you won and you so deserve it!!! I also wanted to say thank you so much for the congrats I've received for the Honourable Mentions I got for my layouts in the magazine too... I can't believe it!!! Now the magazine is finally out I thought I'd share pics of my whole entry....

First, here are my two layouts. (Sorry you can't really read my journalling on the dble page layout but I think you can see it in the mag)...

Here's my mini-album (well the cover and one page anyway)...

And my caddy (yeah I know... not very imaginative!)...

So there it is! I have to admit that off the page stuff really isn't my strong point... haven't done a lot of it but I plan on changing that 'cause I really had fun making these things.

Oh yeah... I know this post is getting unbelievably long but I just had to share this... Yesterday I'm cleaning the leather couch and Ayden sort of indicates that there is 'something' on one of the single armchairs that "maybe Riley did", and when I take a look this is what I see...

OMG!!!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! In black biro!!! Well after much scrubbing (and we really thought it wasn't going to come off) we tried a little bit of some citrus goo remover and it worked! PHEW!! Needless to say Ayden did get into trouble... mainly for trying to blame it on Riley (who can't even write yet). Little ratbag!! He knew he'd done wrong that's for sure and I don't think he'll do it again in a hurry... KIDS!!

Well that's about it from me today! Hope everyone has recovered well and caught up on sleep after last night.... and all the very best to you all for 2008!!!

Sheree xx