Saturday, December 15, 2007

My little "cleaners"...

Well, I'm doing the washing up this afternoon and the kids were all playing in the boys' room. I'm thinking "Gee they're being so good in there! Maybe I'll go and peek around the corner and see what they're up to...". I could hear them chatting so nicely to one another with Madi adding her usual cute little babbles to the mix.... I dried my hands and went to have a little look.... only to find this!!!

OMG!!!!! They were having such a lovely time! Ayden was there with his spray bottle of water (not so bad) but there's Riley with the spray bottle of SUNSCREEN!!!!! They had both helped themselves... grabbed their face washes and were merrily "cleaning" their wardrobe doors... WHAT A MESS!!!!! (Of any scapper would... I had to reach for my camera... Paul was asleep so I had to have some evidence after I cleaned it all up!) It took quite a bit of paper towel and Windex to finally get rid of the smeary mess... luckily there was nothing on the carpet! Oh boy.......I'm sure I'll laugh about it later....

I guess while I'm here I may as well do an update for the rest of the week as well...

Madi is going really well in the walking department! She's waddling around all over the place now and is starting to get quite confident - lucky she wears a nappy thought otherwise she'd have a bruised bottom from plopping down onto it all the time!

We took the kids to see "Bee Movie" last weekend. It was great! The boys loved it and Riley even managed to sit through the entire movie! Madi on the other hand got quite restless during the last half but we wandered around up the back of the cinema so still caught the end.

Not much else to tell otherwise really.... I've been making a few Christmas gifts for some of the family - sorry I can't post any pics until after Christmas ... (don't want to spoil the surprise for them!)so that's kept me pretty busy... also worked yesterday... I'd love to be making a couple more things tonight but by the looks of my ironing basket (there's actually 2 of them!!) I guess I'd better tackle that instead... BORING!!

Hope everyone else is doing something a little more exciting than me tonight!

Sheree xx


  1. LOL..........the sunscreen spray, that is just so funny and so cute........but I can imagine it would not be that easy to clean up.

    I too have been making lots of Christmas pressies too.....mostly for Chloe and Georgias school lots of insperation from Kim Archers Christmas Spectacular.

    Keep up the walking Madi,

    Have a great week

    Cherie xx

  2. Kim's classes are awesome aren't they Cherie? I've done every one of them in the Christmas Spectacular and got so many great ideas! Her classes really got me in the mood to create this year!

    Merry Christmas!

    Sheree xx

  3. Catching up on your news - and Madi walking - whoo hooo - she looks like a doll. What great photo's of the boys cleaning!!! Can't wait to see the LO you do on that one.LOL


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