Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Mail!

Just look at what I found in my letterbox today!! (Don't you love that cute Christmas tag?!)

A Christmas prezzie from my gorgeous friend Mardi!! Lucky me! (I know I'm naughty for opening it already but I just couldn't wait!!)

It's the very first page of a friendship album! I LOVE IT! (Thankyou so much Mardi!) Now all I have to do is decorate the cover and start adding to it! Such a wonderful idea and what a fantastic thing to have! If anyone would like to join in and add to my album I'd be more than happy to do a page in return if you'd like to start up your own.... (Of course... after Christmas when everyone's got more time would probably be more convenient! LOL!)

How was everyone's weekend? We had a busy one (like everyone else I'm sure).... I worked Saturday morning but then we had a lovely afternoon BBQ over at Leanne's place. The kids all had a ball swimming and watching Jacob play his playstation and they all got along so well! Madi was quite taken with their gorgeous dog Jed... she couldn't keep her eyes off him! Paul and Stuart had never met before so it was a great chance for them to meet and get to know each other a little. The kids all got a little prezzie from Leanne - they thought that was awesome! (Thanks again for a great afternoon Leanne... our place next time!)

We spent all day yesterday over at Mum & Dad's place - had another BBQ, the kids had more swimming... another great day! Mum & Dad have really 'decked the halls', well the front of their house anyway, with HEAPS of Christmas lights so I can't wait to get the kids over there on Christmas Eve to see them all! (We couldn't see them during the day of course...) Very festive!

Hope everyone is finished their shopping and getting organised for Christmas... I'm almost done... just a bit of wrapping to do.... Merry Christmas!!

Sheree xx


  1. How adorable Sheree. Gee Mardi is clever isn't she...what a great idea.
    I would LOVE to do a friendship album...sounds like fun!
    I love your little cleaners in your last post...too cute.
    Thankyou again for my pressie...I show everyone that comes through the door..lol. I just hope I get time before Chrissy to send some happy mail your way in return.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Sheree.

  2. Mardi is a clever girl and a friendship album sounds like a great idea, I would love to do one too.

    Have a great week and have a fantastic Christmas.

    Cherie xx

  3. Hi Sheree - your friendship album from Mardi looks gorgeous! Isn't she such a wonderful friend. I would LOVE to swap a page with you if you would like to swap with me. I have a little album too and only have 1 page in it so far.... Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas from my family to yours. xx Janelle


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