Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Well, it's all over for another year.... all that preparation and planning and it seems to be over so quickly!! Anyway, we had a fantastic Christmas Day! Ayden was the first one awake... I heard him creeping down the hall to look under the tree, then him running at full speed to come and wake us up to tell us that Santa had been! He was just so excited! It took a little bit of effort to wake up Riley (he was still sound asleep) but once he got to the loungeroom his eyes widened and so the unwrapping began! Madi woke up about 5 minutes later....she wasn't quite sure what was going on but she loved the tearing of the paper and soon got into it all.

Everyone was more than happy with what they got - Santa knows his stuff! Ayden was rapt with his transformers, Riley loved his Thomas things, and Madi's faves where her Dora dolls (she ended up with a few...) and her ball popper! They got lots of other things too.... very spoiled! We all enjoyed a scrummy lunch with lots of prawns and ham, ate way too much, then relaxed for the rest of the day (while the kids played with their new toys of course!) Both my brothers popped in with their families too during the day which was great.

Just thought I'd pop in a couple more photos of Madi - since it was her very first Christmas! She's just learned to do 'Cheers' with her cup - so cute!

And a couple of pics of her presents.... can't wait to get some super cute pics of her in that tutu!

And one more....sound asleep... all worn out from her big day...

Hope everyone had a wonderful day full of family, food, friends, fun and laughter!! Thanks for dropping by!

Sheree xx

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Santa Photo...

Paul and I realised last night that we hadn't taken the kids to see Santa yet!! So this morning we made it our mission and off to our local David Jones we went. Well, it started off ok.... there wasn't a huge line like we thought and the kids were all so well behaved while we waited.... then it was our turn to see Santa.... WHAT A DRAMA!! Madi took one look at Santa and started to scream and Riley didn't want to go anywhere near him! LOL! Ayden was the only one eager to have a chat and happily sat on Santa's knee and put his order in for Christmas (a Transformer of course!). So, as always I ended up in the photo and it took lots of squeeky balls, blowing bubbles and Paul dancing around like a looney behind the camera to finally get all the crying to stop and get a decent photo!! I'm the one that ended up looking dopey!!! LOL!! Ahhh well.... another year's Santa pic done... hopefully next year we'll manage to get a photo without me in it!!

Only 4 more sleeps to go!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Sheree xx

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Mail!

Just look at what I found in my letterbox today!! (Don't you love that cute Christmas tag?!)

A Christmas prezzie from my gorgeous friend Mardi!! Lucky me! (I know I'm naughty for opening it already but I just couldn't wait!!)

It's the very first page of a friendship album! I LOVE IT! (Thankyou so much Mardi!) Now all I have to do is decorate the cover and start adding to it! Such a wonderful idea and what a fantastic thing to have! If anyone would like to join in and add to my album I'd be more than happy to do a page in return if you'd like to start up your own.... (Of course... after Christmas when everyone's got more time would probably be more convenient! LOL!)

How was everyone's weekend? We had a busy one (like everyone else I'm sure).... I worked Saturday morning but then we had a lovely afternoon BBQ over at Leanne's place. The kids all had a ball swimming and watching Jacob play his playstation and they all got along so well! Madi was quite taken with their gorgeous dog Jed... she couldn't keep her eyes off him! Paul and Stuart had never met before so it was a great chance for them to meet and get to know each other a little. The kids all got a little prezzie from Leanne - they thought that was awesome! (Thanks again for a great afternoon Leanne... our place next time!)

We spent all day yesterday over at Mum & Dad's place - had another BBQ, the kids had more swimming... another great day! Mum & Dad have really 'decked the halls', well the front of their house anyway, with HEAPS of Christmas lights so I can't wait to get the kids over there on Christmas Eve to see them all! (We couldn't see them during the day of course...) Very festive!

Hope everyone is finished their shopping and getting organised for Christmas... I'm almost done... just a bit of wrapping to do.... Merry Christmas!!

Sheree xx

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My little "cleaners"...

Well, I'm doing the washing up this afternoon and the kids were all playing in the boys' room. I'm thinking "Gee they're being so good in there! Maybe I'll go and peek around the corner and see what they're up to...". I could hear them chatting so nicely to one another with Madi adding her usual cute little babbles to the mix.... I dried my hands and went to have a little look.... only to find this!!!

OMG!!!!! They were having such a lovely time! Ayden was there with his spray bottle of water (not so bad) but there's Riley with the spray bottle of SUNSCREEN!!!!! They had both helped themselves... grabbed their face washes and were merrily "cleaning" their wardrobe doors... WHAT A MESS!!!!! (Of any scapper would... I had to reach for my camera... Paul was asleep so I had to have some evidence after I cleaned it all up!) It took quite a bit of paper towel and Windex to finally get rid of the smeary mess... luckily there was nothing on the carpet! Oh boy.......I'm sure I'll laugh about it later....

I guess while I'm here I may as well do an update for the rest of the week as well...

Madi is going really well in the walking department! She's waddling around all over the place now and is starting to get quite confident - lucky she wears a nappy thought otherwise she'd have a bruised bottom from plopping down onto it all the time!

We took the kids to see "Bee Movie" last weekend. It was great! The boys loved it and Riley even managed to sit through the entire movie! Madi on the other hand got quite restless during the last half but we wandered around up the back of the cinema so still caught the end.

Not much else to tell otherwise really.... I've been making a few Christmas gifts for some of the family - sorry I can't post any pics until after Christmas ... (don't want to spoil the surprise for them!)so that's kept me pretty busy... also worked yesterday... I'd love to be making a couple more things tonight but by the looks of my ironing basket (there's actually 2 of them!!) I guess I'd better tackle that instead... BORING!!

Hope everyone else is doing something a little more exciting than me tonight!

Sheree xx

Friday, December 7, 2007

Madi's first steps!

That's right - Madi took her first official steps this morning! She started off with 3 steps walking to Daddy and by this afternoon she was doing 7-8 steps! What a clever girl - she was very proud of herself - and so were we!

(She's only 10 months (& 6 days) - just growing up way too fast!) It was great that Paul was home today to see it all happen....

It feels like I've had such a busy week this week..... Doctor's visit early in the week (to check up on Madi's ear), worked all day yesterday, working on Christmas gifts and cards that I've been making, housework, shopping.... the last few days seem like a blur! This morning though Leanne picked me up and we met Roz at a lovely cafe overlooking the beach at Currumbin. What a beautiful spot... nice breeze, gorgeous views and great company... not to mention the delicious fruit smoothies! It was great! None of us thought to take a camera though... that was dumb... maybe next time...

I'm off to the post office tomorrow to get all my Chrissie cards posted off and maybe I'll do a little more shopping too. I've almost finished off my present shopping (thank goodness!), just need one or two things and I'm done. I'm feeling quite organised this year!

Madi's asleep so I might take the opportunity and do a little more stitching before she wakes up again... and The Amazing Race starts tonight on TV - can't miss that! I love that show! Better get the boys into bed quick smart.... byeeeee!

Sheree xx

Monday, December 3, 2007

That's more like it!

WOOHOO! I've finally got my hubby's clean-shaven face back! (Can you tell he didn't want to have his photo taken?)

Paul and the guys from Careflight all had the big shave on Friday to mark the end of "Movember". They all headed in to the 92.5 Gold FM radio station to have their mo's shaved off on air! It was very funny - Bridget (the radio host) said "I don't know if I wanna shave Paul's off.... he looks like a cross between Magnum PI and Baby John Burgess!" (LOL!) Here's a few pics....

She was trying to read out the gossip segment while shaving Paul's face at the same time so it was a little scary for Paul! lol They had the local news cameras there too so they made it to the tv as well that afternoon. Celebrities for the day.... I'm just glad the mo is finally gone!! (so is Paul for that matter... it was driving him crazy!)

We've spent the weekend decorating the house for Christmas. I just LOVE Christmas!!! It really is my favourite time of year... So the tree is up (well actually we've got 3 trees this year - there's the big one in the lounge and we've also got a couple of smaller ones in the foyer and the kitchen bench), the stockings are hung, the wreath is on the for the outdoor lights.... well we would've put the lights up today but Paul can't find them since we've moved... so until we find them in the garage the house is looking a little dark at night. Hopefully we find them soon... regardless the house is feeling quite festive!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I'll be enjoying my Christmas tree lights tonight while I'm working on one of the many projects I've got on the go at the moment.... (I need more hours in the day!)

Sheree xx