Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sick kids, new teeth, some layouts and other stuff...

This week has largely been taken up by sick kids! I'm so sick of sickness!!! Ayden picked up a tummy bug from somewhere and it really knocked him around and lasted all week! Poor little man - he was a real trooper though and handled it so well! Madi had a touch of it too - not as bad as Ayden though thank goodness. He seems to be picking up today... I'm crossing my fingers that he's over it!

While I was staying at Mum's place I forgot to post my layout that appeared in issue 60 of For Keeps, so here it is!

Don't ya love that pic of Paul in the middle?! Too funny.... There's fringing right down the left hand side but it's a bit hard to see in the pic.

I think I might have a couple more layouts I haven't shared yet.... let me see.... oh yeah...the last layouts I did for Seriously Scrapbooks before we *moved*! The first one has pics of Riley at Airlie Beach 2 years ago.....

The other one is about the whale cake I made Riley for his first birthday. The day I made it was so HOT and we had a blackout right in the middle of the day.... let's just say baking a cake with no electricity in the heat just isn't my idea of fun... it turned out ok though and he loved it!

Madi got her first 2 teeth this week....FINALLY!!! At 9 1/2 months she now has her two bottom teeth peeking through her gums. It seems like she's been teething forever... poor little girl has been really feeling it with her sore gums and not feeling 100%. Just have to wait for them to grow now so we can get some cheeky pics!

We had Ayden's school orientation on Thursday - very exciting! (He's starting Prep next year.) He seemed to really like the school and even made a couple of friends in the hour we were there which was great and the teachers were really nice and helpful too. He's looking forward to it (I really hope that lasts!). Just have to pick up his uniforms and order his book pack, get some shoes and we're ready to go!

With the kids being sick all week the unpacking of my scraproom went on hold but I've managed to get some done today. When it's finished I'll post a couple of photos. It's so great to have a room all to myself to spread out in - thank goodness the boys love sharing a room! (Not sure how long I'll get away with it!)

Got a bit more Christmas shopping done this week too, a few more things crossed off the list! I really need to get something for Paul....he's always so hard to buy for!!! I'll have to hound him for ideas...

Well, hope everyone is having a great weekend! Paul is working today and tomorrow so it's really like a Monday today for us instead of Saturday. I'm heading back into my scraproom for some more sorting.... the sooner it's done the sooner I can scrap!

Sheree xx


  1. Great Layouts Sheree, love the summer fun one. Hope Ayden is feeling better now, Jasper and Georgia had the tummy bug last week too, thank goodness the other two kids did not get it.....

    Yeah to Madi for getting her first 2 teeth......

    Glad to hear that Ayden had a great oriantation day, jasper had his orientation day 2 weeks ago.

    Hope you got your sorting finished,

    Have a great week,

    Cherie xx

  2. Hi Sheree...bummer about the sickness in your seems to be going around here too...touch wood we have all avoided it...phew ...although we are all probably too
    Love your layouts too... and I love how you used the sassafras whale of a tail papers....very cool.
    Mardi x

  3. What a feast for the eyes Sheree!!

    I just LOVE that Summer Fun layout - I meant to email you after I saw it in the mag.....just fantastic work!

    I am sorry your kids have been sick...I loathe those times when everyone is sick for what seems like AGES. I hope they are feeling better now.

    Megan xx

  4. So glad to hear you are settling in - and Ayden's off to school!! how exciting for you all. Love that LO - have seen it before and loved it then too - glad to see it up on your blog. Have fun sorting and hope you get rid of that horrible bug - Jacob has it at the moment. ((hugs))


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