Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Madi's Crawling!!! (And about our trip...)

FINALLY! I've got a few minutes to add another post... It's been so busy since we got back! Before I write about our holiday I just wanted to say.... it's official!!!! Madison has started to crawl!! She hasn't quite realised she's doing it yet but in a couple of days there'll be no stopping her... I'm going to have to do the rounds and get everything up out of reach..... She's 8 months now would you believe?

Now... about our holiday....this could be a little like a novel - just a warning in advance! So where do I start........

We decided to take the kids on a trip down south to visit Paul's grandparents in Sydney and Paul's parents in Mallacoota. None of them had had the chance to meet Madison yet and it had been over a year since we'd been down there, plus Paul's Mum just turned 60!

The first leg of the trip went pretty well. We left about midnight so the kids could sleep for a big chunk of the time. We were really surprised at how well they travelled.... that was until Ayden started complaining of a sore
ear!!!! Poor little man was crying in pain... luckily I had some Nurofen in the car which helped a bit. We called ahead and Paul's Nan managed to get us an appointment with her Doctor. We did a brief stop at Paul's Grandma Rose's place on the way through. She's 91 now and she looks really well. It was lovely for her to see the kids and Paul of course! We left her place and it was off to the Doctor, then finally over to Paul's Nan & Pop's place.

We stayed there for a few nights and had a lovely time. It's always fun catching up with Paul's Nan & Pop - they're such beautiful people! They'd been having trouble with their TV reception so Paul installed a set top box for them - now they can watch their shows with a crystal clear picture! Nan's quite chuffed about it and Pop could'nt wait to watch the football... Aunty Ann, Uncle Jeff and Shelley came over one night for a BBQ too. Ayden just loves Shelley... he was so funny - he went all gooey and started calling her "fly girl" (we have no idea why) and blowing her kisses! So great to catch up with them all...

Next we were off to Mallacoota and the kids were fantastic in the car! It was just wonderful to see Paul's Mum and Dad after so long. There were lots of kisses and cuddles all round. We had so much catching up to do! We stayed for about 6 nights and did lots of walks
to the park, went to beach (it was chilly but when the sun came out it was quite nice) and just enjoyed spending time there. On the last day we went for a picnic to Sandy Point and the boys had a go at fishing - they didn't catch anything but had loads of fun trying! The time seemed to go so fast - it always does when you're on holiday I guess. The marathon trip home was ok (it took 2 days), but the kids (and us!) were certainly over it by the time we got home!

I've got lots of great pics to share - too many to add in to this post - but I might share a few of my favourites over the next few posts....

If you've actually stuck around and read all of this...WOW! Thanks for hanging in there! I think this post is long enough.... that's it from me tonight... I'm off to scrap!

Sheree xx


  1. Some lovely things to look at here on your blog, you've got some very cute children and I love your scrapping layouts :O)

  2. Way to go Madi...whoo hoo!
    Well Sheree, your baby is no longer your She'll be up and walking before you know it!
    Looks like you had a great break. Love the pics and can't wait to see more!
    Whatcha scrapping? Can't wait to see...:)


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