Thursday, October 18, 2007


I REALLY NEED TO HAVE A BIG WHINGE!!!!! I can't believe what has just happened.....

Things have been really hectic here this week getting ready for our big move (that's why I haven't done an entry lately - sorry!)! We've got the removalist coming on Friday to pack up our stuff ready to go.... and today we get a phone call..... apparently negotiations had fallen through with Paul's new boss and the previous owner of the company so now Paul's contract won't be going ahead....WE'RE NOT GOING TO MACKAY!!!!! TWO DAYS BEFORE OUR REMOVALIST IS COMING THEY TELL US THIS!!!!!! I could just SCREAM!!!! Did noone think it might be a good idea to tell us that the whole deal wasn't guaranteed weeks ago when we were making the big decision to take the job - as far as we knew everything was going ahead and we had no reason to think otherwise!

So now we have to move out of our house with no other house to move into... (they've already rented out this house to other tenants)..... we now can't afford to rent another house in this area because rents have gone up so much over the past year so we have to figure out where we'll be able to move to and find another house..... We've already pulled Ayden out of kindy because we thought we were moving .... we had to pay an extra week's rent for breaking our lease.... we'll have to pay connection fees again for phone and electricity..... all our furniture is going to have to go into storage until we find another place..... I just can't believe the curve ball we've just been thrown....

At least Paul's old employer has been fantastic and allowed him to have his job back here. (Poor Paul - he feels terrible for stuffing them around by resigning and then asking for his job back but they really have been wonderful to him and he does love working with everyone there...)

We're both feeling a bit numb at the moment and still in disbelief..... regardless we still have to get organised for the removalist on Friday so tomorrow will be a busy day. We're going to go and stay at my Mum & Dad's place in Brissie until we can sort ourselves out and get a new place. (Thanks Mum & Dad - what would we do without you?)

Thanks for letting me vent! Hope everyone else's week is going a lot better than ours!!

Sheree xx


  1. Oh Sheree....that is just awful. I really am speechless, as everything has been thrown out for you hasn't it? I can't begin to imagine what you are feeling right now, but maybe something REALLY good will come of all this....might take a bit of sorting out, but it could be putting you on the track you are supposed to be on.

    I hope things settle down for you soon.

    Megan xx

  2. Sheree, this is terrible for you guys. It makes me so angry that people just don't care about others. How selfish are they...grrrrr! Have they thought about how much you have had to turn your life upside down??
    I do agree with Megan though. maybe it's for the best, maybe it's meant to happen, maybe there is something at the end of it that will make it all worth while.
    I hope things get easier and life gets back on track soon.
    I'll be thinking of you.

  3. Sheree, Happy you are staying on the coast, but sorry for what you are going through. They say everything happens for a reason, hopefully you can look back and laugh when all is sorted out.


  4. OMG how upsettting, annoying, frustrating and down right rude. No wonder you need to vent!

    I wish I could help make you feel better. Sending a BIG friendly hug to show I care.

    Wishing you all the best finding a new house to move into. I hope the perfect place presents itself to you ASAP.

    Will be keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out for you all.

    Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

  5. OMG you poor things......that is so awful and upsetting for all of you.

    I can understand you need to vent....not much else you can do.

    I hope things work out and get back on track soon.

    Take care
    Cherie x

  6. Oh Sheree you POOR thing!! This is just terrible and how stressed out you must be. I agree with Megan and hope that something wonderful will come from all of this.

    My thoughts are with you as you begin the hunt for a new home for your family. Fingers crossed for you....

    x Janelle


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