Friday, September 7, 2007

Is it really Thursday?

Wow this week has just flown by so far! Now......what's happened since my last post.....hmmmm...

Went to a Tupperware party at Leanne's last Thursday - first time I'd been to one in about 10 years! Anyway - had a great time, met some lovely ladies, ate some absolutely delicious white chocolate ball thingies that the demonstrator made, and then tried to decide on what to buy..... big decision! There are so many great things to choose from but I narrowed it down to a couple of things. I could've bought so much more! Don't think Paul would've liked that much....

Friday we took the kids to the Gold Coast Show. There was so many people there since it was a public holiday, but once we got through the gates it wasn't so bad. We got in for free which was fantastic - a lady in front of us gave us a free family pass that she didn't need - how great was that? We wandered around to check everything out first, then headed for the showbags (Thomas the Tank Engine for Riley and Transformers for Ayden of course!). The boys had a couple of games, then had a few rides. They had so much fun and it was the most beautiful weather too.

Sunday I made Paul a pancake brekkie, then we headed up to Mount Tambourine for a Father's Day picnic. What a great day! Mick, Mel and the kids, Mum & Dad all camped there for the weekend but we just headed up for the day because Paul was working night shift. What a gorgeous place, so relaxing.... and the boys had a ball exploring and playing with their cousins. They climbed rocks, waded in the rock pools, even chased a goanna! They really have no fear which is a bit of a worry... Madi loves being outdoors too and she spent most of her time trying to eat the grass and leaves that ended up on the picnic rug. I managed to get some great photos while we were there - including this one of Paul and the kids - even Madi was smiling at the camera! We really should get out and do that sort of thing more often.....

It's been raining here for the last couple of days - fantastic for the gardens but the dryer has been getting a workout! We need so much more though in the catchment areas - it never seems to fall in the right places. It's supposed to be raining again tomorrow I think.....not much planned for tomorrow.... maybe I'll get some scrapping done......

Well it's almost midnight .... I'd better be off to bed! Nighty-night!

Sheree xx


  1. Hi Sheree,

    Good to hear you've been having some fun times, even if the days are flying past so quickly. They keep getting faster and faster, don't they?!

    Have a great weekend,
    Megan xx

  2. Hey Sheree..sounds like you've been busy! Like they say..'time flies when your having fun.'
    Have a great Saturday.

  3. Great that you have been having fun and doing some family things together. Terrific photo here of your husband and the kids - very

    Have a safe and happy week ahead. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

  4. Is Ayden the one wearing the Optimus Prime shirt? Very cool. Transformers rule!

  5. Hi lovely to see the weather is so nice and you have been able to get out and about... and Madi has grown up so much...she has an adorable smile..
    Have a great week..
    Mardi xx

  6. sounds like you all had a great time at the time is always fun

    Great photo of your hubby and kids.....Madi looks so cute...

    Have a great week
    Cherie x


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