Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm absolutely beside myself.........I'M IN THE TOP 100 FOR SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!! Just got a phone call from Jo telling me the unbelievable news...... I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok...... taking a few deep breaths........trying to contain myself...........) I never thought I'd get anywhere in this competition but to get into the top 100 is just so ...... so...... so ...... WOOHOO!!!!!!

Well now that I've got that off my chest - I'm back to reality off to get some dinner ready - but I'll be floating around on cloud 9 while I do it!!!!

Congratulations to anyone else who's received a phone call too.......YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Sheree xx (WOOHOOOOOOOO!!)


  1. How exciting, well done.

    I am not at all surprised though. Your talent is obvious and your layouts always look beautifully made Sheree. Congratulations and I wish you all the best for the rest of the compt.

    Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

  2. Yah told ya so !!!!!
    I have seen your entry and they are all so very beautiful. You are a SM for sure honey.
    Thanks for a lovely day today, it was fun and I am sure we will do it again soon. Oh and I got a call back re the job interview, made the final 2. Have 2nd interview on Thursday afternoon argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Sheree
    Just read your exciting news...yes i am a little behind the times!
    Congrats!!! We are all very excited for you here at Seriously Scrapbooks.
    Can't wait to se your next DT layouts!


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