Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Mick!

It's my brother's birthday today (the eldest of the two) - Happy Birthday Mick! We all went to Mum & Dad's place for a BBQ. It's always great getting everyone together - the kids always have a ball - and Mum always puts on a great feast too! I actually got my act into gear and made a lemon meringue pie especially for the occasion (it's Mick's absolute favourite thing) but after the delicious choc mud birthday cake, it just didn't seem as yummy..... Mick appreciated it though which is the main thing.....

Thought I'd share a layout.......

(Sorry about the terrible photography - the light is bad and it looks a little crooked but you get the idea....) I did this one a couple of months ago and I was saving it for the For Keeps Comp but I've decided not to enter now...... This pic was taken the first time Madi felt the grass beneath her feet....
Well I guess it was inevitable, but now I've got a touch of all the sickness going around! Nothing too serious though, just some headaches, bit of a sore throat and cough, that's about it... Paul and the kids seem to be getting better now which is great - hopefully by the end of next week we'll all be back to normal!
Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend! I'm off for a nice hot cuppa and some chocolate before bed....
Sheree xx


  1. Happy birthday to your brother Sheree.
    What a beautiful layout...I love the 'grass.' Madi is adorbale.

  2. Sheree...this is beautiful!!...I love the flowers!! very cool!
    ...and good on you for baking the Lemon Meringue....they are Im glad he appreciated it!
    Mardi xx

  3. OMGoodness!!!! Love, love this LO you have created. It is gorgeous - all of your work is, but so loving these spring colours (must be the horrible weather we are having)LOL send it in, this will get published for sure. Brilliant.

  4. Hope your all feeling better now, and happy belated b'day to your brother.

  5. Love this LO Sheree, it is just so fresh and beautiful. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling 100% it is a horrible flu that is going around so stay hydrated and rest.
    I will see you on Thursday anyway, until then take care

  6. What a cute layout......the flowers and grass are just gorgeous.

    hope you are feeling better soon.



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