Wednesday, August 22, 2007


We've been having a terrible time trying to get Madison to sleep at night. A while ago she was doing really well going into her cot while she was still awake and putting herself to sleep, but lately she just won't! The moment I put her in the cot she starts crying, then when I leave the room she screams! We've been trying the controlled crying thing, going in every 5 mins to try and settle her but it just goes on and on.... last night took ages, about an hour and a half before I gave up and ended up nursing her to sleep (this was after midnight!). Every time she wakes through the night she can't seem to go back to sleep on her own. Needless to say I'm feeling rather sleep deprived! It's soooooo frustrating! Does any one have any ideas? I know she just wants to be picked up and cuddled to sleep - she's used to falling asleep while having her feeds - she's also quite clingy at the moment too........ so frustrating........

I've had to keep Ayden home from kindy today too - looks like his conjunctivitis has come back. Poor kid - he loves going to kindy - I had to explain why he can't go..... Paul has a real thing about me keeping him home if he's sick - makes me feel guilty that he's missing a day of fun.......

Anyway, I guess that's enough whinging from me for one day! I think I'll go and grab a cuppa..... nice to see more rain today! Hope everyone is getting a bit!

Sheree xx


  1. Sheree I know all about sleep deprevation. My daughter Amanda was the worlds worst sleeper. I understand how frustrating it feel. Sorry I have no majic cure to share with you.

    Just keep on doing what your doing and hopefully Madison will realise she needs to settle down and go to sleep herself without being cuddled and held all the time.

    It can take some babies longer than others to learn this though. How old is Madison now, I forget?

    I have read that the control crying thing normally only works for babies over 6 months old (not 100% sure if this is true though).

    Sorry that Ayden isn't 100%.

    Conjunctivitis is one of those nasty infections that no body else at kindy will want so it's safer to keep him home until it's fully cleared up.

    Have a lovely day and take care of yourself. From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

  2. Oh you poor thing, I know how you feel, my 3 older kids were such bad sleepers when they were little which is why I am so shocked that Velvet is a great sleeper (so far...LOL) I wish I had an idea that could help, hopefully its only a stage and it will pass soon.

    Hope Aydens eyes clear up soon, missing kinder is no fun at all.

    take care
    Cherie x

  3. hey honey, my doctor told us to give Jacob Valergan for 7 nights in a row to get his sleeping patterns back into line and it actually worked. The Valergan puts them to sleep and they tend to sleep all night. Jacob never had a good nights sleep until he was about 13 months old. Emma on the other hand slept through from about 4 weeks of age. Anyway good uck with it all. Will give you a call tomorrow.
    Leanne x x x

  4. Hello! Just dropping by and saw your post about the sleeping. I feel your pain! Jamie has always slept OK, but for the last two months he has been driving us nuts! Exactly as you describe it. He won't fall asleep on his own. He wakes up half a dozen times a night and screams out for me. Controlled crying hasn't worked, he just cries for hours and I can't do that to him. It's just awful isn't it? I hope that things improve for you.


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