Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crazy wild weather!

Wow it's been so wild and woolly here over the past couple of days! (So nice to have the rain though - the grass looks greener already!!) Paul was out flying in it yesterday too - I always worry about him when the weather is bad but he loves the challenge it presents! I hope the wind isn't as bad today.......

Well - it's official that my brother is finally moving out of home tomorrow! Poor Mum..... she's really feeling it - she'd be happy if none of us had ever left home! It'll be the first time in about 34 years that it's just her and Dad at home, so she's quite sad even though she's wishing Steve all the best. It's going to take a bit of adjusting and the house will seem quite empty........ don't worry Mum he'll come back and visit as much as he can - plus he's only a phone call away!!

Madi has turned into a little chatterbox lately - especially when she's eating something (like banana) that she really loves! (needless to say the food just won't stay in there when she's talking so much!) It really is adorable - her latest words are "yah yah yah yah yah" - too cute! She's also decided that she prefers to suck on her dummy with it upside down - makes her look so's a pic...

The boys have become quite obsessed with the computer lately (a little scary when they're only 2 & 4!) but they love to scroll throught the photos on the computer and visit the "Thomas" site to play games and things..... It's amazing how quickly they learn!

Just wanted to say thankyou to all of you for dropping by my blog from time to time and brightening my day by leaving your lovely comments... I really appreciate you taking the time....
Have a wonderful day everyone and take care!

Sheree xx


  1. What a cute photo of Madi.....her cubby little cheeks are just so the upside down dummy too.

    LOL the boys on the computer, my kids love the computer too, if they are naughty there punishment is no computer!!! It is quite scarry the way the click around and find things on the internet, even Jasper who is 4.

    Take care
    Cherie x

  2. cute it Madi...look at her adorbale chubby cheeks...Sheree, she is so cute..i could eat her up!
    It's funnny these days, kids are all into computers...they seem to know more than the adults.
    Hope it keeps raining for you...send some this way aswell can you please??

  3. I love your photos Sheree....that one of Madi is gorgeous lol....

    My kids are obsessed with the computer too....they love to sit and play. Olivia's favourite thing at the moment is to google different things....I have to watch over her though because I'm terrified she'll stumble across a site she shouldn't!

    Megan xx

  4. OMGoodness, have I missed something......Madi is so big now!! That's terrible as it shows how out of touch I have been - many apologies. I am rushing again now, but will have a browse tomorrow morning. She is a little princess. Love the pic of your boys too. Court.xx

  5. Hi Sheree, I just noticed on Scrapboxx that you have a blog so dropped in. Your children are just adorable but I don't envy you with the sleepless nights. You might just be going through a rough patch if she is teething, may be her little gums are swollen. Hope it all improves soon for you as it is so hard to get through the day if you are being sleep deprived. I so understand how your mother is feeling, it is a real emptiness. I think that discovering scrapbooking saved my sanity when all my children left home.
    Isn't it amazing how the young brains pick up new technology sooo easily !!

    Take care Cheryl ( Robbie on Scrapboxx)

  6. Hey chickadee
    Oh how cute is that chubby cheeked little princess of yours LOL The boys are great on the computer considering their ages but that is good as they will need to know how when they go to school.
    Anyway I will see you tomorrow
    Take care

  7. Hi Sheree.... just checking in today and reading up on your news...Madi is so cute... very adorable...

    ...and I feel for your poor must be awful when the last chicken flies the nest...I keep telling Briony she will need to live with me forever

    Mardi xx


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